Express: "French ... With Lots Of Tears"


Lantern Swinger
What do you expect after that Crab Cnut Stirrup fcuked the Flee Air Arm by getting the then Defence Minister to dump Harriers in favour of a more expensive option the Tornado.
ACM Jock is irrelevant to this. A long line of 1SLs have sold the Fleet for jam tomorrow. A cash strapped government is directed by the Treasury. People who believe that defence is a misuse of taxpayers money gravitate, often via MoD (Centre), to the Treasury. "Sharing" capabilities is the "thinking" person's solution to defence within Europe. Froggy has a problem; we help. Notice recent events? We have a problem; Froggy helps. Simples. It will be intersting to see how this works should s**t happen in the Caribbean or South Atlantic.

It's all about cash. National pride, duty and obligation means nothing to these bottom line balance sheet buggers.
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