Express: "French ... With Lots Of Tears"

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, Jan 20, 2013.

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  1. Shameful we have to 'cadge' platforms to operate!

    Wake up Britain.
  2. What do you expect after that Crab Cnut Stirrup fcuked the Flee Air Arm by getting the then Defence Minister to dump Harriers in favour of a more expensive option the Tornado.
  3. ACM Jock is irrelevant to this. A long line of 1SLs have sold the Fleet for jam tomorrow. A cash strapped government is directed by the Treasury. People who believe that defence is a misuse of taxpayers money gravitate, often via MoD (Centre), to the Treasury. "Sharing" capabilities is the "thinking" person's solution to defence within Europe. Froggy has a problem; we help. Notice recent events? We have a problem; Froggy helps. Simples. It will be intersting to see how this works should s**t happen in the Caribbean or South Atlantic.

    It's all about cash. National pride, duty and obligation means nothing to these bottom line balance sheet buggers.
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  4. Still trying to figure out the comparison between Tornadoes and Harriers and the relevance.
  5. They've both got wings, engines, guns and crabs Handler..thought you would have known that!
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  6. Nobody mention Mers el Kebir..:confused5:
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  7. Trust Wreckert to take something out of context, yes and both have had or have a carrier type role ya think ffs ?
  8. It was tongue in cheek Handler but I can't do emoticon thingymajigs at work, only smileys or saddy's :)
  9. It's OK, we won that ... sort of
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  10. No we won it we give em a chance to give in first, sorry I'm mentioning Mers el Kebir again

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