Expr: "'Cold War Cat And Mouse Games Put Us On Red Alert,' Says Submarine Commander

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by soleil, Sep 16, 2013.

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  2. I can remember a couple of Red Alerts when the Dry Blackthorn ran out!
  3. It was a boat stopper if the CSB went, never saw any WE's loading barrels though ;)
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  4. ::

    £13.00 at Amazon, a quick scan through the extracts reveals more information about SSN 03's 'iceberg encounter' in '68 than I've ever seen in print... :shock:

    (The section where Sandy Woodward takes over as CO is not quite how I recall it though!)

    Despite that, it's definitely one for my wish list
  5. How many O2 candles have you stowed in your entire life? For me - the number is round about ****in' thousands
    of the slippery, heavy bastards. Hanging on for grim death in the fwd escape tower, legs spread....up,down,up,
    down,up,down.....MIND YOUR ****ING HEAD MATE!
    "Ooops! that one's ****ed!"

    Perhaps I should write a book as well? Could do with the dosh. I know there's Chaz's "Why should Britain Tremble?" but there's plenty of room on WH Smiths shelves for another one.

    Could even make it into a film.......


    1974-1979 (and beyond).
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  6. I didn't mind storing the candles as they were a convenient size and shape, CO2 Abortion unit canisters were another matter especially with those magic words "transport, stow and use this side up" stencilled on them so you couldn't roll them.
  7. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I am hoping to get this book for review on Rum Ration, just waiting to hear from the publisher.
  8. Now that is a nasty slur - I had to go inboard that day........
  9. Ooops :oops:

    The book has just arrived and have just flicked through, was onboard for at least one of the phots. Whichever "S" Boat the phot is of it wasn't Swiftsure, rudder too small.
  10. Arrived yesterday, will start it this weekend and report
  11. Just finished "Hunter Killer" interesting and true to life (from my experience). Nothing in there from my time up north on Swiftsure, but other boats had similar experiences. The chapters on diesel boats were very accurate. The wife declinned to read it, claims she would rather not know what used to be. But well worth a read.
  12. Finished this last night and really enjoyed for various reasons. The author is well known for his knowledge of the RN and the worlds navies, his book on the Bismarck chase is the best book on the episode bar none (IMHO anyway)

    I was a young slip of an AB on London when DJ was the old man and he certainly made an impression on me even though compared to boats and small ships the skipper on a warship is generally unknown to the rank and file - a fact expanded on by the man himself in the book. The incidents where he made sure various Soviet units got a copy of 'The Hunt For Red October' I thought were still fresh in my memory! I thought one of them, a Krivak?, took place off a Russian anchorage in the Med on the high speed passage to Armilla when Scylla (Andromeda?) went tits up and needed a relief PDFQ, but if the main man says it took place in the Gulf I'll believe him!

    The description of the surfacing of the Foxtrot class boat in the Baltic sent me off to the dusty photo box and sure enough I have a phot of said diesel boat on the roof after DJ had sat on top of her until he knew she was done. All taken with my state of the art disk camera! The pictures are sh*te!

    I recall him coming into the office and telling the RS that he was fed up of fannying around with comms (think it was trying to talk to the Elmers on OP Earnest Will (the USN Hormuz escort operation) and that he wished he 'could f**k communications off and go deep' which didn't mean owt to me at the time but soon sank in when I joined boats myself...
  13. TS

    In that case, let the author know:

    Contact | Iain Ballantyne
  14. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Books arrived AG will do a write up when I finish it.
  15. A good book that describes the early diesel boats exploits and the nuclear involvement but I was disappointed at the lack of input for what the P&O class submarines did during the "Cold War" our boats did a lot of gathering of intelligence !!
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  16. Looks like the two fish heads, got a bit wet in the Winchex :D
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  17. On the box at 21:00 (in two parts) on 5th December and 12th December as part of The Cold War documentary series.

    The Silent War

    The Silent War tells the story of the underwater war between US, UK and Soviet submarines in the second half of the 20th century. Featuring candid interviews with veterans, sequences filmed on a nuclear submarine and archive footage, the two-part series tells the extraordinary story of the submariners who spent much of their lives cut off from the world, engaged in a perilous game of ‘cat and mouse’ with nuclear weapons charged and at the ready.

    The development of nuclear submarines constantly pushed the margins of technological advancement and played a decisive role in the outcome of the Cold War but for decades their work has remained shrouded in mystery. Now, over 20 years after the Cold War officially ended, submarine crews - from both sides of the Iron Curtain - have finally been given permission to reveal the secrets of an underwater conflict that didn’t officially exist.

    [Grab a tin, splash out in your favourite chair, and let's see what we all actually never did...]

  18. Now, were the 'nuclear weapons' the long black things or the long white things down the bomb shop? Who charged them - was it to 205 bars or 232? Or was it 12, 24 or some other voltage?

    So many questions!

    On a serious note, I'll be watching and recording it!

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