Export ban for useless 'bomb detector

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by daffy1, Jan 23, 2010.

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  1. Next fcuking week - whats wrong with right now.
  2. The hand held ''gizmo'' probably is useless

    However in use it probably worked as a deterrent .

    Ok people still got blown up but I bet the bombers did a detour around anyone seen to be operating such a thing.

    Bit like dummy CCTV camera's ------

    The yanks apparently realised it was not a 'detector' however they probablty let it ride for the reasons given above.

    So now watch out for even more bombs in Iraq /Afghanistan.

    G :fish:
  3. They said somewhere in yesterday's news that the director of the company had been arrested.
    Good. But how is it possible to sell the obvious rubbish for so many years?
    It even doesn't look like a dowsing rod at all.
  4. I always thought products like the above mentioned got tested indpendently, obviously not.
  5. The real question to ask......'Did MOD buy any, and if so, how many?'
  6. Hopefully if the MOD considered buying any then they would have had to pass several tests to ensure that they worked.
    When the navy buys a new weapon it has to pass both Harbour and Sea trials, in the case of the Phalanx system it was tested with live ammunition against a towed target.
    I do not think that the explosives detector would have passed any trials.
  7. It was an attempt at wit.....seems to have failed
  8. It worked for me 21_M - had a bit of a chortle thinking about it. :lol:

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