Expo 2010 - Shanghai 1 May to 31 Oct

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Naval_Gazer, Mar 15, 2010.

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  1. 192 countries and 50 international organisations are due to participate in this event which is expected to attract 70 million visitors. Some of the pavilions look amazing. It starts in just 47 days but I haven't seen much publicity yet. Just out of idle curiosity, is anyone here planning to attend (BA strikes permitting)?

    EXPO 2010 Shanghai

    UK Pavilion
    International Participants' Pavilions

    UK Pavilion at Expo 2010[/align]

    BBC website: Inside World Expo 'Seed Cathedral' (includes video)
  2. Some UK media coverage of this huge event at last, but not exactly comprehensive or objective:

    Shanghai Expo 2010 – China still can’t get these big occasions right
    I've no brief for the organisers of this event but I don't understand why all the ticket-holders should be expected to attend on the first day. According to the Ticketing Regulations, any Peak Day ticket not used on the designated day can be used on any Standard Day. As EXPO lasts until 31 Oct, might not some people wish to wait for the initial rush to die down? Here is a different view of proceedings on the first day:

    Smooth start for Expo with 204,000 visitors
    For comparison, the Millennium Dome attracted 366,420 visitors during its entire first month (link).
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    It's quite big news over in this part of the world, what with the trading links between NZ and even more OZ and the chinks.

    NZ has quite a big pavilion and the focus seems to be tourism, Maori singing and sticking there tongues out, big green stones, 100% pure etc, should be good.
  4. In the press here, in China, it's a bit disappointing.

    There have of course been probs with volcanic ash, recession etc. hence less travelers but the feeling of the locals is that is just a plan to push up property prices.

    The PRC has spent US$ 95 billion so far.

    That's a lot of aircraft carriers :roll:

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