Explosions at Boston Marathon

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by tegr17, Apr 15, 2013.

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  2. Think some people are already worried about the situation in the Korean peninsula at the moment this doesn't exactly keep some peoples mind at ease. Anyway no need for being ratty considering the nature of the post.
  3. I prefer my news to be considered rather than 'OMG guyz, 2013 year of fear!'
    As an aside, some of those runners were clearly loafing, you can see some of them speed up in that video.
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  4. Thanks for the feedback, looks like I'm not cut out for the journalist business so please accept my sincere apologies. On the other hand though have some respect for those involved.
  5. After that I would imagine Wednesday's little event in London and the London marathon this weekend will have it's security beefed up a tadge.
  6. You're right.

    Marathons are nails.
  7. :confused1: I shouldn't have raised a slight chortle should have I.

    Thoughts are with everyone involved, it will be interesting to see who is behind it- I guess targetting large events that no one would expect to be targetting is an aim. Makes you feel that nowhere is safe and all that.
  8. It's a bit shocking to see the first people running in are not going to help, but to take photos and videos!
  9. And the Doris who still maintains her cool enough to stop her watch as she crosses the line.
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  10. This Is very unexpected and sad, with the London marathon coming up I'd think that extra precautions would be taken.
  11. Mate thats completely different, you need to log your times accurately. data is a handy training tool!
  12. We'll more than likely knee-jerk the shit out of it and cancel.
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  13. ????????????
  14. The latest is they have a ''Person of Interest'' in custody. Sky News.
  15. Live pictures... it was that one or the one of the guy in a wheelchair missing his shines.
  16. Yeah. That one would have probably got you banned.

    Fair play to the bods who jumped in to help, having seen the terror in the eyes of the St John's mongs who patrol the GNR when faced with a blister, it's impressive how they got to it quick smart. Proper minerals.
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  17. I notice the Beeb have removed the pic of the big red blood splatter on the pavement.
  18. Boston Police Department have just dismissed that as bullshit. The New York Post making things up. Not unlike the Daily Mail website and their almost instant classification of the bomb being made of shotgun cartridges.

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