Explosion! Museum of Naval Firepower - Special Events

Discussion in 'History' started by Naval_Gazer, May 21, 2010.

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  1. For all you ex-TAS apes, bullet bosuns, sundodgers and others, the Explosion! Museum of Naval Firepower at Priddy's Hard in Gosport is planning these special events. Owing to a shortage of exhibiting space, most of the museum's artefacts are in the reserve collection and these tours provide rare opportunities to see items not normally displayed:

  2. NG, having worked as a volunteer, prior to the museum opening, I can assure you that probably only 10% of the sum total of artefacts are on display. I did suggest that to give the public some idea of how items were refurbished a "walk through" be establish in one of the workshops. It was not taken up because of "'elf n safety". When I asked who's, I was told to stop putting forward stupid ideas and not overstep the mark as a volunteer, after all what did I know of Priddys Hard. When I pointed out that I had worked there and knew about what went on, it was met with the same apathy.
  3. And to make it easier to get to:

    Portsmouth News Link
  4. I suspect we may have enjoyed the odd wobbly coffee together during the museum's early days. :)
  5. Cheers for that TD as I will be in the area from 29th May.
  6. No probs - it took them long enough to sort one out!
  7. NG, now that is interesting! Does the name Eddy ring any bells?
  8. Please check your PMs. :)
  9. I detect the blinkerd short sighted apathy and the " Ohh Cant Do That " ethos that is slowly strangling any forward motion in this fair land.

    If I hear anyone else where I am currently employed state,

    " Why do we do it that way?, well we have always done it that way, we cant change now"

    I will fall to the ground and hold my breath!!!
  10. Many, many years ago, I had to go to a pre WINTEX/CIMEX/PROUD AMAZON "war planning" presentation in RNAD Priddy's Hard. Being Winter, the PAS boat was cancelled due crap WX. To fill the time, we had a bimble round the, then, RNAD PH Museum. The bloke who I was with was fascinated by the ancient documents and ledger pages; no interest at all in the whoosh/bang kit that had been lovingly displayed. It was the first time I'd seen a MK8 torpedo motor cut into educational sections. That was fascinating; not the bloody bumf!

    He went on to high altitude great things. I spent years as a passed-over loggie. That museum taught me a number of things. Glad it's well and thriving, alas no longer on Aunty Betty's S1099.
  11. Another special event:


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