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Dunno if the link will work, but now I'm confused. The hacking organisation Anonymous (are they Good or Bad?) has apparently "declared war" on IS.

My confusion is complicated by the fact that it declared war on the UK regime in May.

Perhaps I could refer my learned colleague to the original post re Putin (bad) who is now (good) ... and perhaps anonymous (bad) when they declared war on the UK regime is now (good) because they realise that the UK regime is perhaps on the same side ... or of course I could be spouting utter b*llocks!


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I would defend to the death your right to spout b*llocks.
Even utter b*llocks. (And even if you prefer MG to Austin Healey)

But seriously - and I appreciate this is not a forum which uses that word lightly - could this "Anonymous" group prove a real threat to IS?

Cybernerds taking action which could damage what is clearly a very real threat to our current way of life?

The optimist in me (and I appreciate that a pessimist is an optimist who has learned by experience) sees the potential for a way ahead.

Or could Anonymous be actually inhibiting our own "Good" security services by closing down the use of the Web by the "Bad" b*stards?


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Anonymous will not be bothered by any rules and regulations, hence they can hopefully wreak havoc.

However, it would be nice to think that they would pass any 'good stuff' back to GCHQ/NSA for resolution by people with big bangsticks.


Anonymous are, in the main good guys. This of course only being true of you are politically left and fairly anti establishment.

However, they kind of let anyone in an anyone who frequents 4chan will know that there are plenty of people who associate with anonymous that are by no means good...... Not by a long shot.

Edit: If you don't know what 4chan is and your curiosity has you heading over there, visit it with caution, especially if you're likely to be DV'd.
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As ISIS/Daesh are using the web for propaganda purposes, and quite successfully, if Anonymous stop all that it can only be for the good, although that makes me wonder why the legit big boys haven't done it already, probably some legal reason why they can't.


But could they still be a potential way of dealing with IS?

They're not going to cause much more than GCHQ can already do other than making themselves a nuisance to IS. Knocking out Twitter accounts is good for morale but what does it achieve? They'll just create new ones. It's going to take more than that. They have a history of getting into emails but they're unlikely to do too much damage. Denial of service is their standard fare which again, is more of an annoyance than a knife to the heart and doesn't require a huge amount of skill to carry out.

I'd wager there's far more effective people already at GCHQ.


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I'd wager there's far more effective people already at GCHQ.[/QUOTE said:
These are the people JCU(R) were actively looking to recruit by offering them a chance to ethically hack our enemies, so I would say some not all are better than what GCHQ have to offer.

Admittedly a few are just bedroom keyboard warriors who probe firewalls and tend to DoS attack networks/servers for annoyance . Majority are freedom hackers wishing to expose government departments as some sort of state sponsored spy ring. And the rest are people on the spectrum who do it for fun.

All types of people hack, but they are the ones needed to protect the UK from state sponsored or terrorist organisations bringing down infrastructure.