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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Crabman, Oct 24, 2007.

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  1. In a moment of boredom I actually looked at the storage instructions on a bottle of spring water. On the back it actually states "store in a cool and dry place". What happens if I don't? What happens if water gets wet? Does it go mouldy? Just as bad is the expiry date on a box of sea salt. It expires on 21 Dec 10. Er slight problem here, the salt is as old as the Earth, about 4500 million years, but this salt will time expire in about 3 years. Why?What about the rest of the planet, is that also about to go off? Any RRs found other brain dead instructions on consumer goods?
  2. "Do not iron clothes on body" - A Rowenta iron instructions!!

    "Do not turn upside down" - On the bottom of a tesco's food box - a bit late!!

    Have also seen "do not use while sleeping" on the box of a hair dryer""
  3. A nut snack with the comment 'May contain nuts'

  4. My last job was in Regulatory Affairs for an Aussie health company. Because of regulations, our Prostate Formula had to have the warning "Not to be used during pregnancy" on it.
  5. On a bottle of Absynth 'Drink responsibly'........
  6. On a take away Coffee cup" CAUTION - CONTENTS MAY BE HOT "
  7. On NYTOL sleeping pills: "This product may cause drowsiness"

    On jar of pickled onions: "Store in refrigerator after opening"

    On a bottle of water: "Serving suggestions"

    Sign on capsule doors on London Eye: "Do not lean on this door"

    Sign at Js 16 & 17 of M4: "For RAF Lyneham - follow Lyneham" (I suppose you have to tell them, though !)
  8. in the advert for pringles, it states "once you pop you cant stop"
    if this is the case why do they give you a re-sealable lid???
  9. [qu
    te="toejam"]On a bottle of Absynth 'Drink responsibly'........[/quote]

  10. The reason for an expiry date on the bottle of water is not the water, but the bottle which (if made of plastic) will degrade and could taint the water. The reason for the salt is that humidity will affect the quality of the salt (e.g. how loose it is). The reason for the warning on the cup of coffee is CYA, in case someone does scold themselves, the supplier can't be sued for not warning the "victim" (there's an urban legend about a lawsuit involving a cup of McDonalds coffee). The food product from Tesco was a Tiramisu, and it still did (last I looked) have "Do not tip upside down".

    Another classic is the warning on a bottle of children's medicine "After taking, do not drive or operate heavy machinery".

    Many warnings are now needed because a) common sense is not that common and b) to protect the supplier from lawsuits. Still funny though!
  11. I'm a very naughty boy and should not put very hot things in my mouth!

    Pedal car? train set?
  12. 2 points, 1. the water bottle was glass
    2. It's sea salt, ie it was obtained by flooding large shallow pans with sea water and letting the water evaporate, leaving the salt behind. So if water could affect the quality of the salt, should the oggin have a warning label on it? :biggrin: On second thoughts I should not say things like that, someone in Brussels may read this forum and try to action the idea. :threaten:
  13. The "urban legend" about the McDonalds coffee is actually completely true - what is in dispute, is the amount that was finally paid. It was finally settled out of Court, but the sum gets increased with every telling of the story ! last reported to be $3M !!!!

    The lady involved was a Stella Liebeck; her name gave rise to the "Stella" awards given for the most outlandish successful legal claims - many of the claims reported as "Stellas" are, however, real urban legends.
  14. Seen on the top of Irish milk bottles....."see instructions on bottom"..
    On bottom....."open other end"..!! :thumright: :w00t:
  15. And the reason for those daft cup holder things in cars, so you don't put hot coffee between your thighs and head for the speed bumps.
  16. And the reason for those daft cup holder things in cars, so you don't put hot coffee between your thighs and head for the speed bumps.[/quote]

    Could this be the real reason not to drink and drive? :thumright:

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