Expensive Duty Free Cigarettes

Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by dolphin_points, Oct 25, 2008.

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  1. Quick one. Does anyone know the legality of a NAAFI selling duty free tobacco products at an elevated price. For example cigarettes markes as duty free being sold for £4.90 a packet as the local Air Commodore decided to bump up the prices and keep the extra revenue to do stuff around the Base (I'm talking Falklands here). It just sounds a bit dodgy as I'm sure the HMRC would be really unimpressed
  2. Tax status is one thing, RRP is another, and really is only a guide.
  3. I understand that but most of the price of a packet of fags is duty that goes back to the government. If you are not paying that tax is it OK to increase the price and still not give anything back.
  4. Yes, it is perfectly legal.
    The only thing that makes a difference is maybe competition. As there isn't any they know you are a captive customer base and basically can charge whatever they want, within reason. As I said, Tax Status is a different kettle of fish.
    I know its out of order mate but I don't think there is anything you can do apart from complaining to whoever is selling them and then moving up the chain of complaints.
  5. Also tobacco products are classed as a core requirement for a NAAFI to stock in the Welfare Package JSP 770 that states that prices should be on a par with NAAFI's in Germany. I personally don't know what prices are in Germany and if they are that expensive I stand corrected. It just seems wrong that the Base Commander can just tell the NAAFI to add £2.50 onto each packet because he has decided it.
  6. Quit smoking. Seriously, clearly it's cheaper, I do understand that it'll mean you have one less thing to post on the forums about, but you'll be better off in the end.

  7. I don't smoke!!!!!!! It just annoys the sh*t out of me.
  8. Seriously someone in my Division has asked if its right. I just wanted to find out whether he could do it and where could I argue the toss with regard to the Operational Welfare Package, as if they are alot cheaper in German NAAFI's then that breaking a 'rule' in the JSP
  9. Smokers are the last minority that it is still acceptable to persecute!
  10. Seems you Falklands boys have too much time on your hands.

    Maybe you should invest in one of these sexy hats, just like the rest of the guys. (Any of them you by the way?).

  11. Back in the days of duty free on cross channel ferries it was £20 for 200 in the shops, £10 on the ferry, £5ish in Gib and £7.50 on board so some
    ba$%£&d was making a proffit
  12. When I was in with the use of Fag Stamps 200 cost £13 ish Then they got rid of fag stamps than we had to sign for them but still only cost around £13 for 200 this was back up until 2003
  13. Were do the locals buy their cigarettes and what price do they pay?

    If it's less than you are paying buy them locally, if everyone does that then the air comms scheme will collapse.
  14. What the Canman on one of my old ships used to do when he'd lost money on one range of goods is bump up the price of a necessary commodity to recoup his loss. It worked fine with a captive customer base. An "If you don't like it, go elsewhere" kind of attitude.

    No doubt it's a common policy.
  15. £21 on board at the mo - Regal 200
    £18 for L & B

    I do remember when on the Invince in 92 it was £4.50 for 100 Dorchester - rip ya lungs in side out!!! Top smoke!! Gib was £5.50 for 200 with a free lighter. Ahh, Happy Days!!
  16. Thanks TheAaronP. The comment is of course fantastically helpful. You must be busy to take the time to type dross in like that. I was hopeful somebody would understand the ins and outs of the Operational Welfare Package (JSP 770) and advise if indeed core products in the NAAFI are being sold at inflated prices when compared to NAAFI's in Germany, but the next time one of my Division ask me a question I will just say I'm too busy and save myself the hassle of any abuse.
  17. I thought only slackers and people with their notice in got sent down south anyway?
  18. T.A.P. and his pal Sentenashi are always willing to give RR members the benefit of their vast and expansive knowledge of all things RN. :w00t:

    Pity they are just a pair of schoolkids who's knowlege equates to the square root of minus one :pukel:
  19. He probably has got lots of time on his hands. He's a young civvie waiting trying to join as an AET, so the concept of the operational welfare package won't mean anything to him. He seems to enjoy sticking his tuppence in whenever it's clear that he has nothing useful or constructive to add.

    As to your original question, I don't know I'm afraid. I wouldn't be surprised if there's some 'get out' clause that allows them to charge what they want. I think Slim had a point, suggest your lad/lass shops off the base if it's cheaper.
  20. Is it just possible that the old RN request form may be useful in this situation. A few requests from smokers "To state a complaint" may cause the air Cmdr to rethink his strategy. It just may be that what he is doing is against regulations.

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