Expensive art


War Hero
Saw this and thought WTF, I'm sure I could make something better.

So what would you make and how much would you flog it for?


War Hero
I happen to have a pair of The Kings piss'n'skidmark stained pants for sale. The faeces streaks have been authenticated by DNA testing and I'm looking for about fifteen thousand quid for it. Offers?

I was in a gallery in MK a few weeks back and they had an original signed piece by Bob Dylan and the price was £1800, I quickly googled his age and thought that could be a good investment, Mrs JFH said "No, that's the new boiler money" :(


War Hero
All the Acme kit that Wileycoyote used in his pursuit of 'meep meep' Road Runner , the one that caught my eye was the instant boulder , one drop of water and.... da da , you know where I am going with this don't you , yep magic beer , one grain in your pint glass....use an eye dropper to give one drop of water onto grain and there is your pint , more than one drop you will end up with a gallon all over the kitchen table. You can have stout , cider , ale or lager grains , need a jug for snakebites using 2 grains. Would sell to Johnny Vegas for £ 2 million.

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