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Expedition PYRENEES 2011 in Support of Help for Heroes


DATES ARE 14 - 27 MAY 2011


Help for Heroes (H4H) Event ID: 20100702-3586-8438

Expedition Pyrenees 2011 is the first, of hopefully many, annual Expeditions in support of Help for Heroes. An on road challenge from a designated place in the UK terminating in the Pyrenees. The total distance from UK to the Pyrenees will be approximately 1,750 miles.

The expedition is a Gran Turismo (GT) - a motoring game based on the original road rallies of the 1950’s. It is designed for complete beginners to learn the art of regularity driving. Participants are encouraged to raise their own sponsorship for the event, which aims to raise over £50,000 for Help for Heroes.

The teams will be set tasks and questions on the way through France, Spain and Andorra; following a point to point route via GPS with area mapping to find the answers. Transport, Regularity, Jogularity, Scatter, Treasure Hunt and special Evasion stages will be applied to various sections of the expedition; these will all be clearly explained during the event, although background information may be found on the event forum:

The theme is based on the escape and evasion of servicemen and women during the Second World War. We will be looking for the ‘Le Chemin de la Liberté’, the ‘Path to Freedom’, WWII escape route to Spain through the Pyrenees. This route was taken by hundreds of Frenchmen and Jews fleeing from their German oppressors. In addition it was used by many R.A.F. and American airmen who had either crash-landed or parachuted to safety after being shot down over Nazi-occupied Europe. We will also visit other escape routes through France and across the Pyrenees into Spain and Andorra (the Comete and PAT Lines).

En route to the Pyrenees we will stay over and visit the village Oradour-sur-Glane, where in 1944 an SS troop went in and massacred the whole village, over 600 inhabitants including women and children. The village has been left untouched since then as a memorial to the people who lost their lives.

We will also be visiting the S.O.E Memorial at Valancay at 10:00 hours on Monday, 16 May 2011, where we intend to lay a wreath on behalf of the event.
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