Exped at abandoned fort during Raleigh Pt 1

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by global86, Dec 12, 2010.

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  1. Can anyone remember where that odd little fort thing we got taken to for an exped weekend during Pt 1 was? I think it was over by Mount Edgecombe somewhere?

    We had to sleep in nissen huts in those hideous Pusser's sleeping bags we drew from stores. I remember a big concrete basin over which we set up jackstays and carted telegraph poles around in some kind of woosy version of P Company weekend.

    On the Sat night, we were allowed some tinnies and we all got pissed around a campfire and sang shanties including some embarrassing thing involving 'great white warriors ... with little white bows'!

    Where the hell was it?!!!
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    You don't mean Pier Cellars do you?

  3. Tregantle Fort, up the hill from RALEIGH ?
  4. It's pier cellars.
  5. Definitely Pier Cellars.
  6. I did basic in 1980,

    I remember Going to Scrasden Fort. 7.62 spent cartridges everywhere.
  7. Double-seconded...Pier cellars.
    And it's still used by recruits as well as other outside bodies.
  8. I'm going for Piers Cellars only because the username has 86 in it. I reckon that's the year he was born and therefore it wouldn't be anywhere else he'd be talking about that matches his discription.
  9. I was following a similar line, but my conclusion was that he (or she) did a global tour in 86, and therefore Scraesdon.
  10. Ooooo I see good call. I'll stick with mine though :lol:
  11. Joined up in 1986 and we went to Pier Cellars cant remember what it looks like but I remember we had bunk beds but no mattress!
  12. If he is/was a Tiff then it was Scrasden, as Tiffs didn't do Pier Cellars as a rule. However, the jackstay was at Pier Cellars. Confused of Cornwall.

    So, Global86. Which one is it.
  13. An 'expedition' in an old fort!
    Sleeping in Nissen Huts with a pussers sleeping bag!
    Wow. That's roughing it.
    Did they let you take your PJs and teddy? :roll:
  14. As a Tiff in 83 we did Scraesden Fort but I do not remember any Nissen huts there. Do remember running a lap around the inside going in and out of all the windows, oh how we laughed.
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    As a "not tiff" joining in 81, we did not go to Scraesden.

    Pity, it sounds an absolute hoot.
  16. In '77 we had to march from Fisgard to Scraesden carrying our tents.

    No Nissen huts but I seem to remember the staff had some sort of indoor accommodation.
  17. Just as an aside, as this seems to be becoming a Scraesdon dit session, I was an instructor in Fisgard Squadron for the last of the old 10 week tiff courses in 2004 which was, I think, the last time that tiffs went to Scraesdon.

    IIRC, the Sqadron ran there from Raleigh, with their kit on a 4 tonner, and marched back 3 days later carrying it. At that time, the tiffs did Scraesdon, and Pier Cellars, and an extended version of the Dartmoor trip that all phase 1 recruits did (in their then 6 week course).

    Of course, it doesn't compare to the old tiffs course at HMS Fisgard, but it was nevertheless a sad day when Fisgard Sqn closed, as the difference in what you could do with just four extra weeks of phase 1 training was immense.
  18. Ninja it was just spiffing fun.Especially the staff coming back pissed from Anthony and pulling down all the tents at 00 sparrow crack
  19. Read all the posts,no mattress it was real uncomfy!! You Bandies have no idea how difficult it is in the RN!

    Will NZB bite I wonder???LOL

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