Expat sympathy?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by cúnt, Feb 25, 2011.

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  1. Anyone else not give a toss how uncomfortable/scared/in-danger these oil workers, English teachers and tourists are?

    If your company doesn't have a repatriation package then the tax dodging wankers can suck it up and pay out of your pockets to get home or across the border, or sit in the sand and wait. Tourists who choose to holiday in a tyrant's back garden deserve all you get. You slag women who bent over for a moustachio'd Libyan man and now are trying to get your mocha kids back can thank your dripping minges for getting you in to trouble.

    Some of the above is tongue in cheek, but I still couldn't give a fuck.
  2. Hear hear.

    Or is it here here? I can never remember.
  3. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    I don't see why I should help pay to rescue people who aren't paying our current punitive UK taxes.
  4. totally agree,
  5. As one who has worked extensively overseas I concur.
    I have worked for both British waste of space and Molins tobacco.
    Both of these companies immediately put into action repatriation schemes as soon as trouble happens.
    I was in Bangkok in 1982 during the riots, I was immediately brought back to the UK even though I volunteered to sit it out (wonder why)
    Molins tobacco brought back about 70 engineers from China to Hong Kong during the Tiennamen square violence, the engineers were either allowed to stay in HK or brought back to the UK.
    The latest saw engineers brought back from Egypt via Dubai.
    If ex pats wish to enjoy the privilidges of the UK government then they should pay the tax not rely on those earning far less to bank roll them
  6. Well put (better than me anyway)! I legged-it from Croatia in 96 and didn't drip to the authorities about getting me out. I nicked a boat, and thumbed a ride to Turin.

    I wouldn't have been in a rush to get myself to that bloody airport, with Gaddafi wanting to cause a fuss. A target rich environment for any fragile dictator.
  7. But what about the children? Pity the poor children.
  8. You mean......=-( none of you buggers would come and get me?..:crying::crybaby:
  9. It is included part of the foreign aid budget provided to China!!! Ex Pat-Repatriation budget.
  10. RR does want to get you mate, but that leftist cunt Finknottle has the keys to the outrage bus, so we can't.
  11. As Uncle Tom the Fleet Joss on the old Ark Royal was heard to say " If you are looking for sympathy.................it's in the dictionary somewhere between Shit & Syphillus"
    Educated man our Uncle Tom
  12. More foot-in-mouth than tongue-in-cheek. Sweeping generalizations are unhelpful. My niece is married to a Libyan surgeon currently working in Germany. He is an exceptional man who would lay down his life for my niece and her clever, beautiful Mocha children
  13. Sod em! Money grabbing twunts didn't think twice about leaving to earn a nice wedge, why should the tax payer assist them getting back.. as soon as it's all over they'll piss off again. No sympathy whatsoever!
  14. Is she in Libya trying to rescue her children? No, she's in Germany you cunting piece of bubbling lung blood.
  15. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Maybe the hun are kicking off again?
  16. You'd never get a Libyan in a shower. Going to be tricky.

    I bet that gets cúntoid dripping
  17. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I don't suppose he's got blond hair & blue eyes?

    Thats just a one way trip to the crematorium. :violent3:
  18. I fully agree with the original posting - feck em, feck em all
  19. Why is he in Germany?
    Libya needs doctors, when I worked in Tripoli a few years ago the guy in the factory an engineer who also acted as our interpreter told us that one of his children needed an operation, he was going to drive to Tunisia to get this done as the hospitals in Libya were not very good. Perhaps too many Libyan doctors are chasing the big bucks.
  20. He is on a year's exchange with a German eye surgeon . He and his family are to return to Tripoli in a few months time.
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