Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by cornwall_jake, Sep 9, 2009.

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  1. is it true you cannot join the navy if u have had exthma?
  2. Being picky here but your spelling is sh*te. Are you alking about Eczema or ASTHMA ?? 8O 50 - 50 chance over to you :lol:
  3. Well said - I no exactly what you are "alking" about - I hate it when people don't "alk" correctly on these forums. They should be pulled up by grammatically superior users who can "alk" and spell correctly. :wink:
  4. But do you really "no" what he's talking about? You "no", being a pedant is dangerous ground. :wink:
  5. eczema sorry habbit of writing it like that! just read on a forum tht they dnt except eczema sounded abit harsh
  6. Ohhh sh*te - and I had to copy/paste it into outlook as I couldn't spell grammatically correctly..... damn it.....I thought I seemed so clever.... :oops:
  7. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Is that bad skin for people with lisps?
  8. haha you cud say tht yh i dint realize this website was a english exam
  9. Young Padawan, you are not yet ready.
  10. My eldest had eczema and was initially turned down for the Marines, told to come back in a year and see how it was. Went back a year later and it had almost gone (after various treatments) and he passed the medical and joined as an AEM (changed his mind about career path) even though an Army doc turned him down flat 'cos of his initial refusal when he had a look at the Army as a career.

    End of the day, depends on how bad it is, where it is and the Doc who assesses you. Only way you'll know is by applying.
  11. i have my medical tomoro ive had it for years its on my eye lid but never effects me its just red know there aint any dry skin anymore just scared from where it has bin but worried they wud pick it up
  12. Running before I can walk. Thats a school boy error. [sigh]
  13. Nice one. :lol:
  14. I think the most dangerous thing about being a pedant is crossing the road in busy traffic. Remember:-

    "Every time you cross the road, always use the Green Cross Code."
  15. Okay.

    Try this. Find the letter M on the keyboard. Two keys to the right is a little dot, commonly known as a fullstop. Try using it. It will make your posts easier to read and understand. :scratch:

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