Exeter publican says no entry to servicemen

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Standard_Bearer, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. I am unable to download the story because I don't know how. According to the Express and Echo (Exeter) a publican is refusing servicemen entrance into his pub, because he is worried about trouble in the bar! :sad:
    It doesn't mention any regiment but the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines is just a couple of miles out of the city.

    The locals don't like the servicemen. So there could be fun and games soon The Royal Marines celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Freedom of the City with a march past.
    The Royal Marines have been stationed at Lympstone since WW2. I never had any problem with the locals. Iliked them so much I retired to Devon :lol:
  2. Its his loss, marines like matelots usually invest their hard earned shekels in copious pints of the finest ales.
    This landlord will not be seeing any of these shekels
  3. Interesting.

    Has he been having trouble, or is this just a marketing ploy to get himself some free acreage in the local media with the chance of a slot on local Radio and TV?

    Cynical, me?
  4. Heres a link to a clip, could not find the full story as i am running late

  5. The Sun have of course Picked this one up:

  6. What an absolute shower of ingrates. Perhaps if the Devonshire chavs had any charm or pulling power they might get somewhere. Rock on down to Exmouth for your runs.
  7. What a complete tosser , :evil: ,
  8. Dondon, I think you will find its a collection of tossers as it is not just one pub that have implemented the Ban.

  9. I stand corrected , OK a bunch of tossers , :evil:
  10. Or is it a "w*nk" of tossers? :grin:

  11. Good one "GK" , :lol:
  12. I was interested to read that one of the reasons is becasue the RM lads are pulling all the local 'talent' - so is the ban because the local boys are not man enough for the local girls and its making them upset???

    Oh and lets not forget you upset the locals - tough ti$%ies I say. Its disgusting that you can fight and possibly die or suffer a severe injury but your not good enough to drink in their pubs, well lets see who can hold their head up and say 'when the time came, I was there' against those that ran and head under the nearest rock and messed themselves in fear
  13. Have just let the local paper know what I think of this - anyone else?

    [email protected]
  14. Maybe A Rum Ration night out is in order ??????
  15. What a bunch of fcucking cnuts, why the hell do we still serve to protect them, in my local they appreciate the job both myself and the 4 or 5 other servicemen who drink in there, and have even sent me mail since I have been in the Gulf. It is typical of these poxy little towns who dont like admitting that they rely on the forces to keep going. Bunch of backward tawts.
  16. To be honest I believe the 'trouble' is caused not by the Service Personnel but by the locals who resent the Forces bods and kick off so the local establishments bar the Forces peeps because its easier. My home town has a large TA depot there and I know that the camp had a list of local watering holes that had barred TA bods. Those that welcomed them seemed to be very busy when there was a weekend camp and most of the local single females would be found in those establishments. My then local (ran by Ex RAF) always welcomed ex service bods no matter what branch they served.

    I never served due to medical reasons but have family and friends that have served in all branches of the services. When we used to go out, we always had a laugh, a 'few' beers and never caused trouble - the local arsseholes would occasionally make comments but never went any further.

  17. Well said mate , does make you wonder why our younger generation join up , I have nothing but admiration for all of them , daughter in the forces & so proud of her , she will be 20 tomorrow , happy birthday Claire ,
  18. Exeter always has been a divided town when it comes to the Bars, the Students drink in some, the Royals in others and the locals in the remainder.

    For some reason fights always seemed to kick off when there was a local/student mix or local/royal mix. Its not hard see what the common link is between those two. To actually formally ban Servicemen (or students) is a bit extreme, but on the plus side the Mint has always been a bit crap and there are several other pubs on Fore Street that will be gratefull for the extra trade.

    For a long period the Royals were a common sight at the Uni's bars, but more recently I think that the uni's policy on non students being allowed in them has changed. This was I believe due to a few of the more idiotic students not being able to behave themselves in public company.
  19. Quote:- (from the Sun)
    But Natalie, of the Mint pub said, "It's not the service people's fault - it's just that the locals don't mix well with them. There is trouble."

    Well ban the f*****g locals then you stupid bint!

  20. Comments added. 'nuff said.

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