Exeter bomb - own goal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Naval_Gazer, May 23, 2008.

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  1. An EOD team from Plymouth-based Southern Diving Unit 1 (SDU1) was involved in the aftermath of the failed bomb attack in 'Exekketer' yesterday (link for Daily Wail story and pictures). Looks like divine retribution - well, I thought it was 'divine', anyway.
  2. The jihadist played a blinder, literally.
    Sad loser, catch the bastards who encouraged him and you'll be getting there.
  3. Converting to Christianity would be hard for him now. Has he got another cheek to turn? From his name, one assumes that he was formerly a Catlick.

    Says it all really.
  4. I feel sorry for the poor bugger. As the police said, 'he was obviously conned into this and taken advantage of'.

    Lets hope he gets put into a home where he is looked after and not into a prison to rot.
  5. Hoperfully he will implicate the real Jihadists when he is questioned. be nice to see a few of them named and shamed for taking advantage of him.
  6. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Saw the picture of the RN Bomb Disposal wagon in the paper. If there are any RN Diver types any chance you can change it to Royal Navy Bomb Disposal instead, helps sell the role to the Public thats all. Also shows that it is not all Army and that we are doing our bit.
  7. Janner Jihadi - WTF?
  8. ??????????


  9. You realise that if he does start giving up names....
    then almost every club in Plymouth will have to find
    a new owner.
  10. Bloody hell that was quick NG, now that's what I call service. :thumright:
    Guns, old eyes ain't what they used to be?
  11. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Senior two and half moment. I only saw the Telegraph article. Bloody Midshipman had The Sun.

    Good for the public to see the Royal Navy doing its thing, although I am sure we all agree we would prefer not to be in these circumstances.

    All a bit close to home, Guz and all that. Might have to dust off my NI drills and start checking the car each morning.
  12. That's quite alright Guns. Mind you, my first attempt wasn't nearly as good... ^~

    (With apologies to Postman Pat)
  13. What's this geezers IQ level, anybody aware?
  14. It must be pretty low, him being from Guzz.
  15. Quality! :thumright: :w00t:
  16. Somehow, "Mentalist has failed chemistry experiment" dos not grab the headlines as well as a story about a Jihadist from the King Street Flats.
    Exeter can be a blinding day out though.

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