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Exercising on hard floors


Lantern Swinger
Being skinny, the bones on my back and the pelvis area (is it the tailbone? I think that's it) poke out a bit. While being skinny is nice in many ways, it means it hurts to do sit ups on hard floors.

I can move slightly to the side as I raise and lower myself so that I don't pivot over the tailbone and hurt it, and if I go slowly down I can avoid slamming my spine on the floor, but clearly I'll have to be able to do it properly in training.

Short of gaining weight (which is difficult, at least for me) does anyone have any ways I can try to work on this problem?
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Apologies for sounding like a sarcastic @R$3 but have you tried exercising on softer surfaces?

On a serious note I'd have thought gym mats would be available, however I can neither confirm or dismiss this being in selection process so wouldn't mind hearing more too!


Lantern Swinger
I do when I'm at home, but I can't imagine during training the PTIs will give me a mat. Hopefully someone who's recently done phase 1 can confirm.


War Hero
Actually the IMF circuits at Dartmouth were on a mat for crunches etc, from what I remember. That said, a lot of other exercises weren't, being outside as they were.

As for advice? I'm afraid I can't be much more helpful than offering 'get better at dealing with the pain'.


Lantern Swinger
Well, at least I can be in comfort for some of the time.

Though I imagine I'll be making use of the second part of your post for a lot more than just sit ups and crunches!


War Hero
Back in the day, I used to do A LOT of sit ups. Roll onto your right bum cheek for one, then the left for the next etc, so as you continue into the hundreds, it is 'up roll right, down, up roll left, down, up roll right' - this will prevent a raw sore patch on your coccyx. RN crunchies are somewhat different, as you are already half way up and just 'crunching' so no wear on coccyx.

Happy to help!


Have you tried padded compression shorts? They might look a bit funny under normal exercise shorts, but you can definitely get ones with a padded-arse area (technical term, of course).

A lot of mountain-bikers and paintballers wear them, seems like it could work.


Lantern Swinger
That's the best way of describing it I've seen! I do that currently if I try it on hard floors - roll slightly to the side.

I'll definitely remember to alternate between the two cheeks, normally I only last a couple before I move onto the rug.


Edit: Archangel, are those allowed for training at Dartmouth? It'd certainly work at home, but I'd like to get a permanent solution sorted now rather than spend the first few weeks at BRNC (assuming I get in, of course) being unable to sit down!


War Hero
Certainly nobody checked my pants at Dartmouth, but the PT shorts aren't the longest and I can imagine you'd get picked up if your padded shorts showed out the bottom. There are shorter (i.e. not cycling) versions but I've never actually seen any in the flesh so to speak, so don't know how long they are.

Real Name

For the 'main group' of IMF (sit ups etc) you get mats.

The only time in IMF you don't get mats and have to do sit ups is in the warm up.
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