Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Sep 5, 2012.

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  1. In the day we had big gymnasiums. Our gyms were different to today's as membership was not voluntary.
    They were however for our own good.
    We were taught to be good, repent our sins and undertake the forerunner of the RNFT.
    The exercise was called double time or orbiting and we ran about thirty laps at a time.
    If this did not suit your particular fitness regime, you could do synchronized frog hopping, today they call it abuse of human rights, funny how names change over the years.
    We were taught to run up and down heights and they were kind to us they never ever insisted we wear those horrible thing that you poor bastards are tortured with, called safety harnesses I think.
    Running with weights over your head usually 8 and three quarter pounds was brilliant for developing your biceps, and apparently your outlook. Excessive exercise develops also your character, it did mine it gave me killer instincts, I wanted to kill the chief of staff in the gymnasium.
    Diet was most important, meat makes you very disobedient so they never gave us any. Well once a week so we recognised it in case any bastard tried to slip it you to rock the boat.
    Smoking was discouraged and most of us cut right down to three a day and to save us buying matches they provided us with a shovel to get a light.
    We were allowed to run in corridors though and only had to slow down on stairs so we didn't hurt ourselves.
    We changed our clothes regularly every morning and afternoon so we were nice to smell in case we ever met a woman in the gym (I never did).
    They gave us futuristic hair cuts like number 1's before they were invented.
    We had religious books to read and they even taught us to pick ropes to pieces so we never would have to worry about filling our dustbins with all the old rope people accumulate through out life.
    It was such a great place I couldn't wait to go back, and thanks to certain events in my life, I didn't have too.
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  2. But you were fit as a butchers dog when they let you out and ready for the football season. In fact I enjoyed it so much that I made a return visit.
  3. I was gutted when it shut, it was like loosing a friend.
    I pay £600 a year for what they achieved in 90 days.
  4. Aye, I feel sorry for those who missed out on the experience.
  5. Easy peasy. Did you try Stonecutters?
  6. Stonecutters?
    Fuckin hell what did you do?
  7. Read something the other day by the wife of Jeremy Clarkson..............'Jeremy's idea of exercise is opening a packet of fags'
    (Don't expect a 'like' from rod-gearing on this one somehow)
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  8. Exercising makes you ugly.
  9. Lucky bastard, didn't you get limers there?
  10. Utter rubbish. I am divs and always train.....
  11. Mirror mirror on the wall,
    whos the fairest of them all,
    Its not that frog fuck thats for sure,
    Thank you mirror,.... now secure.

    Mirror mirror in the grott,
    Who's the grolly of us lot,
    It's that frogman dear rumrat,
    Roger mirror,... copy that.
  12. Mirror, mirror on two deck
    Who is that ugly feck?
    It's Rummers who stands in front.
    The senile geriatric cunt
    Thanks mirror do me a favour and tell him to fuck off.

  13. Your mirrors bolloxed magic gone,
    jugement and perception,.. none,
    My mirrors concept working fine,
    It tells your still an ugly swine,
    It wont make me disappear,
    you frazeled piss stained ugly queer.
    What a shame your mirrors spent,
    Perhaps their likethat when your bent.:toothy10:
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2012
  14. Took your time.
  15. Talking to your mirrors crass,
    Its just a lump of fuckin glass,
    Mine however has got power,
    it names you fuckin ugly shower,
    And you can rant because your pissed,
    But your still top of mirrors list.
  16. Not with this one.:angel3:
  17. Good night Rummers. Here's hoping you wake up tomorrow :kermit:
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  18. Why?.................................
  19. Shit yourself in dreams
    I hope your nappy slips.:toothy10:

  20. I feel sorry for him.

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