Exercise Tartan Eagle forges closer links between Marines

Re: Exercise Tartan Eagle forges closer links between Marine

The Royal Marines also got to show their American cousins the fine art of speed marching, with several faces dropping as they realised that there was no bus and it was four miles back to camp. However, everyone made it back in one piece, although a number of the US Marines seemed determined to show Fleet Protection Group what they had for lunch.

I long for the happy days of speed marching again.


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Fcuk me NZB, I hadn't noticed the fitness kickin start, I take it there's a decenct pub somewhere along the route for me to sit outside and show encouragement as you speed past? :relax:


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Re: Exercise Tartan Eagle forges closer links between Marine

I cant, some twat got me banned from there.... :p

That hill would kill me too, mind you after working up in the hills with the bush gangs for the last couple of months I've lost a few pounds, nowt intentional bye the way just a enforced lack of piss.....(booze to our non Kiwi viewers) I do however strive to keep up the true brit traditions by getting as drunk as possible on my days off.


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Ok, Clever fcuker, just because me and my own little world is private and no-one else seems to be able to see it like me does'nt mean it isn'nt happening, I'll have you know I'm dancing here in my Y fronts humming " ummberway....ummmberway....owwww....in the jungle tonight...."

Works for me.. :p
Royal showing how it's done at speed:

I have an excellent video clip in photobucket but despite repeated attempts I have been unable to load it up, shame. :(

NZ_Bootneck said:
I'll be in the Support Landy, BP! :wink:
But seriously, I'm on a bit of a fitness kick at the moment, to loose some of the weight I've put on since Wet Blobby turned up in NZ. :D
Hope to do the Dunedin 3 Peaks Race, 26 km uphill and down dale (Not competitively!!) in April 2010. Will probably do sponsorship for the RSA (Returned Servicemans Association, NZ's RBL.) Or Montecillo Home for Old Vets.
Good luck with your's BP sounds a good 'un.
Only long walk I took on down yonder was The Abel Tasman the Kiwi I was with she was more into yapping than walking and took the boat back halfway through the walk, took in a few hills round Hawkes Bay nothing to write home about. Likewise fitness levels have dropped some and it will be next year.

I was inspired by a ex para I met at Moel Famau in Welsh Wales with his thirty five pound pack. Chatted like you do and he mentioned the Para Ten. Do I go for a dry run the first year then the next year the pack one does not want to a prat does one. Three hour limit for the ten.
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