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NSC is well known for delivering simulated and constructive training to the military and security services. We are currently looking for a number of SNCO's to work on a part-time contract basis (circa 30 weeks per year) where you will take part in various training exercises in a role-playing capacity.

These exercises take place throughout the UK and Europe and require individuals to support the exercise delivery teams by playing roles that include SO2/SO1 military officers, political personnel and NGO staff.

Full direction is given to you within each exercise but it is important that you have some understanding of what is required of you to play the role with credibility. It is therefore likely you will have had experience of working within a military HQ.

For more information and details on how to apply please follow this link… http://www.bfrss.org.uk/home/job-seekers/vacancies/322828/ExerciseRolePlayers.aspx#.VN2709K8DSx

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