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Is any one entering Enduring Help 2008?

I am keen to, but cant find the full regs anywhere.

Does anyone know where I can get my hands on a bike or 2 either


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A bit of a bump.

For those that are interested, Enduring Help is a 24hr off road motorcycle enduro carried out on military bikes to raise money for various charities.

This genarally lacks support and participation on the RN side and I am really keen to get a team together


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We did it!!!!

Oh how my body hurts now. I got to the exercise with 3 other riders, but had a real struggle getting a support team together. Managed to get 3 wrens from the ship (HMS Ocean) and they looked after us from start to finish.

We managed to keep the bike going for the full 24hrs, although did have to replace a few items along the way.

Came a respectable 33rd out of 61, which wasn't bad at all. We won a "Spirit of the Event" award and they made a lot of noise as the only Navy team there.

I will post the pics when I get them sent through.

Anyone interested in riding or support crew next year, PM me.

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