Exercise BOLD MONARCH 2011

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BFBS 7 Jun 2011 said:
British rescue teams are taking part in a major international exercise practising the recovery of stricken submarines after disaster at sea. Exercise Bold Monarch, off Spain's south-east coast is the first Nato training drill to involve a Russian submarine. Russia's involvement comes nearly 11 years after 118 of its sailors died aboard the Kursk when it crashed to the bottom of the Barents Sea in August 2000.
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A worthwhile Exercise indeed. If this mechanism was in place back then,
and we all worked together, perhaps some submariners lilves could have
been saved........I really don't know.

Actually took part in a rescue exercise oh so many moons ago involving
REVENGE/OPOSSUM/D.S.R.V. "AVALON". Fascinating time. A lottery was
performed in each of the messes on Opossum (Fwd/SR's/Bunhouse/Back Aft),
and 4 were selected to go off in the Avalon when it eventually found us.
The boat was painted virtually white (stripes and fwd/aft escape hatches,
top of the fin) - still took yonks for it to get to us.
Avalon mated with Fwd Escape, pulled a partial vacuum - sort of like a
big underwater Dyson and the hatches between the boat and the D.S.R.V.
were opened. First up was the C.O. (Lt Cdr Jim Boyd RN) who thought it
a little bizarre, standing on the casing of an O-boat 400 feet down. The inside
of the Avalon was like something out of a science fiction movie - all flashing lights
and control panels - and as us four "rescuees" clambered in - it was ascertained
that there was not enough ballast - so a large (full) barrel of ale was hoiked
up as well (near as I can recall). The journey upwards took forever and when
we did eventually link up with Revenge, surface and climb down into the guts
of one huge f**k off bomber - there was nobody there to show us where to go!

Therefore - four unwashed, long haired O-boaters were allowed to bimble around
from back aft to fwd (through all those big rocket things) completely unescorted,
which was somewhat odd, until we got as far fwd as possible and plonked ourselves
down in some sort of big mess (which actually had a fish tank in it!). The bomber
queens didn't so much as wet the tea and we returned to Faslane in a sort of
uncomfortable silence. Eventually got a brew - but very little else was offered in
the way of hospitality.
Thank f**k it was only an exercise - if it had been for real - I suppose the attitude
may have been different.........never went back down a bomber again after that.


The DSRV "Avalon" on the back of a French Bomber (according to image info).

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Royal Navy takes part in largest submarine rescue exercise

Ministry of Defence said:
Royal Navy personnel have joined 2,000 sailors from 13 nations for the world's largest submarine rescue exercise, off the south-eastern tip of Spain.

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