Execution dock

Discussion in 'History' started by seafarer1939, Feb 9, 2012.

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  1. Execution Dock
    Browsing around old RN records I found the above containing the executions of Matelots from past.
    When I've got more time I'll look up some as there are some interesting cases,stealing ships,mutiny,bestiality whatever.
    I'm a sucker for old RN stories,pity I wasn't younger as there will be many a good TV play/series in this lot.
    I post it in case others may be as bored as I am at the moment,golf game cancelled due to rain so I'm off to the pub to bore them with the real Navy stories!
    What a life it was if you were hanged for buggery!
  2. Believe that the only working gallows is at South Yard devonport.
  3. Even worse if you were caught,charged,court martialed,and sentenced to hanging for BESTIALITY :)

  4. Or homosexual acts!
  5. I read a story in one of the national newspapers a few years ago, that when they were pulling down one of the old Naval Buildings in Malta bricked up in the wall cavity was the body of some poor sailor the building they said was over 120 years old. Did any one else read of this or know the outcome of who's body it was.

    There is also still a working gallows in Wandsworth Prison so I am informed
  6. Think of the back pay he was entitled to, :)
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  7. I think he knocked over the Killick of the port gun crews grog on the screw frigate HMS Glasgow whilst they were at anchor in Valletta harbour after the Zanzibar war.
  8. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Some interesting stories on that site. The Chinese don't give a damn and will execute you if you break any number of their laws. The Iranians seem to enjoy an execution as well.
  9. I thought buggery was reaming someone and Bestiality was reaming an animal of sorts.
    Don't quote me on that as I'm no expert but I'm sure some of the hillside shepherds up here would be very hurt to think they were classed as buggerers not not straightforward bestialites!
    The lambs are due so they'll have to play with themselves for a while!
  10. So how would you like to be dispatched? For me lethal injection!
  11. file:///C:/Users/Public/Videos/Prison and Hanging/1800 executions.html
    Looking at another site of the same ilk I was surprised to find people had been hanged for "Utterings" WTF was that? if it's talking a lot my wife would be doomed!
    Googled it to find it was passing forged documents,Forgery was making them Uttering was passing them.
    Quite a few for stealing sheep so if you knew you were to be hanged for that you may as well give it one while your at it,Same result.
    We used to be a God Fearing country but unjust unless you had cash or influence.
  12. Cover me in honey and throw me to the lesbians!
  13. Like it!

    10 letters
  14. Old age for me
  15. Yes, that would indeed qualify you for a neck tie party.:-D
  16. Oh I see what you have done there! Genius....................
  17. It's nice to be appreciated.

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