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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by flopsical, May 15, 2014.

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  1. Hey everyone, i got some rather unexpected news today!

    I got a call from my AFCO informing me of my date of entry.... the 6th of July!

    This is a massive surprise to me as i've literally only just passed my fitness test (on monday lol) so its exciting and happening extremely fast.

    Got a few questions if anyone could answer them i'd appreciate it.

    1) Obviously i'm going to be going to Scotland at some point in the next 7 weeks, which means i won't be able to complete the 8 week training booklet thing you get given if i remember correctly? Will that matter?

    2) Whats the deal with mobile phones at Raleigh? How often (if at all) will i be able to call my girlfriend / family?

    3) Any other active members of this community joining on that date?

    4) I've read around that Raleigh closes during August which would obviously effect me due to my join date, are the dates set in advance? or are they subject to change closer to the time?

    Thats all i can think of at the mo, thanks a bunch for any replies! This forum has been such a useful tool in the past when searching for info!
  2. Hey flopscial,

    8 week training booklet ? Thats the first iv heard of it :)

    From what i was told in scotland mobile phone can be used but in very specific times so dont expect that often

    July 2014

    ReadymadeMonkey (6th) (WE)
    busychris (6th) (WE)
    Boab1994 (6th) (MESM)
    BlueNewt (6th) (AET)
    Toffeespark (6th) (WE)
    RDM (6th) AET

    Im going on the 6th of july and all of these other memebers. Iv already met like 15-19 people already for the same joining date when I went on my PRNC all really nice guys and we should have a blast.

    Luckily for us we go for 4 weeks then come back for 4 weeks summer leave, Raleigh is shut on 1st August - 31 August so we get a month off paid leave, and from what the chief at the RNAC (N) said if you have any doubts while we are there we have the oppertunity to go home speak with parents/ girlfriends/ wives and go back. And if you still want to leave you can as we go back on week 5 so the 28 manditory will be up. If you have any questions for PRNC (N) drop me a PM as I was there not long ago.

  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    1)If you have just passed the PJFT,,you should already be beyond week two of the programme: http://c69011.r11.cf3.rackcdn.com/9e214ce8d7cc40a08c01248630316ce5-0x0.pdf Be aware PRNC has pass/fail elements.

    2) Mobile phones are turned off and in your locker during the working day. Generally, unless in the field on exercise, you'll have opportunities most evenings to call home.

    3) Joiners (listed above) are in this thread: http://www.navy-net.co.uk/joining-up-royal-navy-recruiting/72622-when-you-going-hms-raleigh-observe-persec.html

    4) Leave dates as indicated, BUT if booking holidays overseas, you need clearance. Dates can change, although not often. This year for example, trainees were employed to help with the floods. Changes in security states can affect leave.

    A tip: Just about everyone that joins just before a leave period will have doubts & find it a wrench returning from the luxury of being home to continue the rigours of training. There is always a rise in trainees submitting notice after a leave period - they invariably ALL regret quitting.
  4. As for Raleigh leave dates, this year summer leave is from the 1st of Aug to the 1st of Sept, these dates will not change but as NS says, if you're required elsewhere, such as civil assistance, then away you go Jack/Jennie, life in a blue one :)
  5. Which is why I've never understood why they persist in doing it. For the sake of gapping a class for a week 3 times a year, wouldn't it make more sense for Raleigh to not take in new joiners immediately before main leave periods? I had this conversation with the then OC STARS 10 years ago - his line was that then the loss would hit Raleigh's balance sheet, not the recruiting balance sheet. So, for the sake of a ha'porth of tar....
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  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


    The other thing that's been swept under the carpet is the surprising upturn in "fails to attest" since they introduced Sunday joining a few years back and now let recruits stew for 24 hours before inviting them to sign-on. Prior to Sunday joining a "fail to attest" was as rare as hen's teeth - nowadays we get two or three an intake.
  7. sorry if ive miss read any of this but as far as i can gather, have you had your entry date before you have done your prnc?
  8. Correct as there is no pint in putting you on your PRNC before you have a date as it could be a years to 2 years before you start.
  9. When I were a lad, well on the staff, we used to do the attestation as they got off the bus - "dump all your kit at the back of the room, sit down, and sign where it says..."

    It's like they're trying to break the system. I know there was a very necessary review into Phase One training off the back of the various festivities in Surrey (and elsewhere), but it's almost as though in an heroic attempt to mix metaphors, they've attempted to copper bottom the system by donning a concrete overcoat....

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