Exchanging your travel warrent (dont mess it up)

I Went on fri to get my warrant exchanged at the local train station, after showing the guy the warrant and my travel plans that where on the back of the forms from the recruitment office. He then told me that the earliest train was 9.46 and not the 08.10 as it showed on my form, and i had to go through Birmingham not London. well not wanting to argue i accepted when he was saying and too the ticked and the new travel plan. on arriving home i decided to ring up the raliegh duty office and tell them of my new arrival time. needless to say he was not amused and suggested i call the recruitment office and get a new warrant or i would miss the briefings the meal etc. after ringing up the office the chap said not to worry the ticket was an open ticket so i could go on what ever route i chose. later that night i checked the ticket and yes it was an open ticket and it was also marked "not London" checking what routes on the web where available i noticed the exact route that was on my form and still available for Sunday morning so basically the ticket clerk could not use the computer correctly and screwed up my ticked . going back today i had to get an extension on my ticket for £43.50 just so i can get the train through London , hopefully can get the cost reimbursed.

So remember if the ticket clerk tries to give you the wrong tickets argue till he give you what u need.
Hey on a completely un related subject.. what time do you get to raleigh? i arrive at plymouth at 7:10pm.. dunno what time ill get to raleigh after taxi's and ferry..

i guess theres no meal and briefings for me :D
well i would have been joining u at 7.10pm , till i went back and get an extension on my ticket now its 4.43pm, i will try and fill u in bout the briefings when u arrive ok m8y


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k800i, you need to try to arrive at Plymouth between 1600-1700, otherwise you'll miss the transport to Raleigh.

Where are you coming from?
erm im going on the 18th.. not sure about your dates. i have to get a coach from tiverton because the trains will be down on that day :(


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Re: Exchanging your travel warrent (dont mess it up) for tho

Everyone traveling to HMS Raleigh is given approximate timings from their AFCO in the assumption you will arrive before 17:00 hours. (Unless specifically advised otherwise by your AFCO)

Unfortunately now that you join Raleigh on a Sunday, instead of a Monday, this is also the one day of the week when you are most likely to encounter engineering works, which often lengthen the journey by a ridiculous amount, or involve a convoluted supposed rail journey involving buses, long waits & confusion. To cap it all, you then have a long period once you arrive at Raleigh before you physically sign on the next day, unlike when you used to sign on the day you joined. The result? Lots of people have second thoughts an elect not to join.

You have my sympathy with regard travel arrangements, but you should either check (Link): National Rail Enquiries to confirm your journey timings or ring 08457 48 49 50.

Another tip, when you change your rail warrant at the ticket office, check they put the correct date of travel on the ticket & not the date of the day you change the warrant.
Had a similar experience a few years ago with the TA. Arrived at York station in plenty of time to catch my planned train to London, for Liss (Surrey), trains were all running late, booking office was chaotic, and realizing I could catch the train that should have left an hour earlier, I rushed through getting my warrant exchanged and caught the train with a minute or so to spare. It was only then that I checked my ticket and found that the pr*t in the booking office had endorsed it "not via London" - we were by then well on the way to Doncaster on the London line.
Explained all this to the train conductor who was very understanding and accepted my story.
Not so on the Waterloo-Liss train. Jobsworth of a railway employee insisted that I pay full fare, I told him in so many words to get lost, - we both work for big firms, here's my name, rank, number and unit, your idiot employee at York made the mistake, get him to sort it out with Army admin, I'm joining for a training weekend at which I will be paid in cash, so I am not carrying enough to pay one of your exhorbitant fares anyway.
After a considerable verbal exchange he eventually backed down, and went back to his caboosh muttering.
The moral of that story is ALWAYS check your ticket before leaving the booking office!


Unfit as in running or swimming? Do you get kicked out if your not upto the running? or do they just quit because they are lazy?


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k800i said:
Do you get kicked out if your not upto the running? or do they just quit because they are lazy?
If you fail to pass the fitness tests (RNFT & RNST) in the first 56 days of training you can be discharged, however some people opt to jump before they are pushed. If you can still run the PJFT (Male under 25) in under 12 mins 20 secs (RN only) & can swim 100 metres upon joining, you should not have too much trouble.
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