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Exchange with 7 Bn REME


I am trying to find a friend from the RN that I served with in 7 Bn REME, 1997.

I appreciate that persec prevents names here, but her initials were DH. and she would be in her late 30s now I think. She was at that time a leading aircraft mechanic.

If anyone is in contact with her could they pm me, or perhaps offer other suggestions as to how I could track her down.

I am a longstanding Army Rumour Service member, but I thought I would have better luck tracking her down over here.

I am quite willing to vouch for my identity via pm should it be required.


PS. While I am here, a big hello to any RN Hang gliding bods I know.


yes i know who you mean she has left and is a reservist and i believe she is just about to finish her degree. will try and find out some contact numbers


Lantern Swinger
yes she is in the air branch. if you pm me with some details i can pass them on to her via a fried if you wish
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