Exchange with 7 Bn REME

I am trying to find a friend from the RN that I served with in 7 Bn REME, 1997.

I appreciate that persec prevents names here, but her initials were DH. and she would be in her late 30s now I think. She was at that time a leading aircraft mechanic.

If anyone is in contact with her could they pm me, or perhaps offer other suggestions as to how I could track her down.

I am a longstanding Army Rumour Service member, but I thought I would have better luck tracking her down over here.

I am quite willing to vouch for my identity via pm should it be required.


PS. While I am here, a big hello to any RN Hang gliding bods I know.
yes i know who you mean she has left and is a reservist and i believe she is just about to finish her degree. will try and find out some contact numbers

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