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Exchange Visits ???


I am very interested in getting some pongo's over to see what the Royal Navy do, and how they do it. The ideal trip would be to visit a ship while at sea somewhere nice and warm with the chance to have a run ashore thrown in for good luck.
Anyone know the system for sorting out exchanges???

Apologies for wrong terminology if i have used any.
Whilst a serving crab i did a couple of exchanges with the navy - managed to get tabled on one as well - a lot of itll depend on what trade you are - ro's/lro's shouldnt be too much problem as the comms world is pretty much standard - well procedure wise anyway - suggest you get hold of the telephone directory (if comms branch) and get someone to ring up units like 30 sigs in the army or tactical communications wing for the royal air force - alternatively try raf innsworth for the crabs and one of the records offices for the grunts - hope this helps
Don't the RN have affiliated army regts? I thought some of the ships did/do already?
HMS Grafton is affiliated to 4 regt AAC.

a guy i work with was at JCUFI and was offered a tour on a Stretched Type 22 as part of an exchange (Signals Teleop Telegraphist - so was able to work with the bunting tossers and flag waggers)

It does happen.
contact the CACTO

Thanks for the prompt replies.
I am at a newly formed Equipment Support unit looking after a Logistic Bde in Sunny Germany. We have a mixture of tradesmen at the unit ranging from Vehicle Mechanics to Electronics Tech's, Armourers, Recovery Mech's and storemen. We look after everything from motorbikes to tank trabsporters and the latest comms systems to fire control systems fitted to tanks. I understand that you don't get many of these on board, but life aboard a ship is what the guys think the Royal Navy is all about and think it would be nice to see another side of service life.
I would rather the guys get the chance to taste a bit of life on the ocean wave rather than being stuck in one of the shore bases.
Whilst serving on HMS Bulwark our "adopted" Regiment was the 4/7 Dragoon Guards who were based in Fallingbostel (Germany).

I took a party of about 12 across for a week, which they spent on the tank range, driving tanks and trying to be soldiers!

I didn't see much of it as I was not allowed out of the Sargent's Mess.

Whilst serving on HMS Blake it was the Royal Hampshires' who provided our entertainment as past masters of the dance of the Flaming *********!!!

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