Excessive luggage?

Discussion in 'UPO' started by redrumration, Sep 3, 2014.

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  1. Been home on summer leave , and have a **** load of luggage to try transport on the train tomy new base. Do I have to get a bus with all this luggage or is there a way of claiming back a taxi fare from train station to base due to excessive luggage? Can't really find anything in jsp 752
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  2. Unlucky, start humping it back (no, you can't claim it back).
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  3. Glad I no longer have to hump my kit from A to B. Pain in the bum...and costly in extras in a fast black.
  4. I have no idea if this still applies, but it used to be possible to put a (very!) full Pusser's kitbag on a train and it was delivered to the station of your choice for a small charge. You then collected it from the luggage office on production of th ID card. I did this a couple of times 'in the day'.
  5. There's an allowance in the JSP 752 called UKPASH, which allows a service person to move their belongings at a private rate. Off the top of my head, it's an allowance of £44.52 per cubic metre, but this allowance can be used just for what y require.

    Get into your admin office and ask them about getting it, as it does have to be applied for in advance and you can't claim for it retrospectively.
  6. In keeping with the subject, sort of..... Does anyone know under what category on JPA do you claim for the excess baggage fees charged by an airline after a duty flight via civair?
  7. I remember going on my first draft to Guzz in 1964 armed with a full kitbag, holdall, toolbox, and green pussers case, and having to change trains at Exeter. Of course, the train I needed to board was arriving at a different platform from the one I detrained on, so it was a slog over the footbridge with little time to spare humping all said kit! Having arrived with all luggage on the other platform, the announcer declared the train I was catching was now approaching the platform I'd just come from! Git!:mad:
  8. Misc allowances or something like that?

    Standby for some sh1ttyness from Wtrs if they didn't book you excess baggage to start off with. Tell them to poke it!
  9. long long time ago I admit, Taxis could be claimed for if you had an excessive wait for public/pussers transport
  10. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Ha ha ha... lol lol lol. Kit-bag on one shoulder, rolled up hammock on the other. Gas mask over your neck 'Those feet are made for walking'.
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  11. Gen Dit No Shit, discovered whilst perusing the BRs. If you got the last train into the Burgh on Sunday night coming back from leave, last bus back to Faslane had been and gone, and as a poor scribes who tended to get a combined Rail/CTM warrant when going on leave, I always got taxi back and claimed on the C28. 1St time I did it was met from derision by my PO and Chief in the Cash Office, until I pointed the relevant passage in the Holly Books. I think the eventual peroid of excessive wait was boiled down to 30/45 mins on a cold wet winters night, to a couple of hours on a balmy summers night

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