Hi, i have always had excema since a baby, however it is only slightly visible (sometimes) on my wrists, no sings of it anywhere else. However, is the past week or so it has appeared on my hands and whilst visiting a pharmacist today he gave me steroid cream. I then found out that steroid creams may effect the medical and i was hoping the to begin the application process around the new year time. I just wondered how much this would hinder my application as i feel it is manageable and would not greatly effect the job i would like to undertake within the Royal Marine band service. Any answers would be helpful, thankyou!


I'm more concerned about the fact you have hand eczema than the fact someone not trained in clinical medicine has deemed it necessary to give you steroid ointment to be honest.

Your opinion that eczema will not affect a career in the RN is nice, but I wonder what it is based on. Warships are full of irritant substances, from oils and fuels to firefighting gear, none of which you will have been exposed to before. Problems are possible in people with normal skin: eczema on the hands can effectively incapacitate you in the event of a Ship-borne emergency and a useless body is, frankly, the last thing the RN needs.

Eczema in general will make an entry medical tricky. Hand eczema is a major problem I'm afraid, for very valid reasons.
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Obviously, that is just my opinion at the moment and people with an experiance of the Royal Navy will have a better idea of the effect it may have. It is just frustrating currently as i have never had hand excema before and any excema i did have was barely visible and would not really effect me in what i was doing, never felt a need to desperately scratch. Would this be a complete bar to entry if it healed, or would it be ok after a determined amount of time free from excema if that happens?


I'm not sure you have grasped the importance of this. Your eczema has flared up from exposure to, presumably, nothing terribly toxic. You want to join the RN where you will go to sea in a Ship full of substances that can cause problems in normal skin, never mind eczematous skin. If your eczema flares up when a container of AFFF spills on it during a firefight you'll be another casualty - and AFFF is one of the less irritant substances on board.
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I think i had grasped the importance of this, but was just enquiring further as to the reasoning and such, thankyou for explaining that! My view (personal i add) was that it was controllable, however at speaking to someone with experiance it is obviously not. Whilst i am fully aware that Royal marine musicians were actively deployed i have not met one who has been placecd onto a ship deployment hence my enquiry. Looks like i should be looking at a different career!
RM Bandies to go away on ships, I know this as a fact as I remember them sailing with us in Illustrious to Malta for HM the Queens visit in 2005.
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Ahhh ok then, thankyou for clarifying that! My excema has again gone so would there be a point in starting the application process, as the hand excema covered about 2cm on two fingers and everywhere else there was none, or would it be a waste of everyones time due to the fact they are placed on ships with the chemicals etc?


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Ahhh ok then, thankyou for clarifying that! My excema has again gone so would there be a point in starting the application process, as the hand excema covered about 2cm on two fingers and everywhere else there was none, or would it be a waste of everyones time due to the fact they are placed on ships with the chemicals etc?
It is worth checking, but when I had my medical it was that you had to be clear for 3 years before being able to get in. And it really is in your interest to be clear rather than just not having a note in your medical history for 3 years.
Ok then, i shall give my careers advisor a call see if he can clarify things for me, i was clear for 3/4 years, before this one flare up which lasted a week just before i was about to start my application, talk about bad timing!
Just about 15 mins ago my older brother found out that he had failed the medical. Our whole family believed in him as he had nothing to worry about. Except his medical reported from his record. Since he was a child he has had eczema however our mother made sure he kept a good routine and creamed his eczema every day. He only had 1 or 2 mild flares throughout the years of his eczema. However his eczema never was serious and was only a mild type and had stopped and had not flared up for around 3-4 years now. Even when it flared up it would only be usually on his hands and it wouldn't be too bad. His last doctors appointment was around 2 yeas ago about his eczema and he was prescribed a mild cream for it.This eczema was only on 2-3 fingers therefore didn't even need a steroid cream. Although he was prescribed one he never used it but it was still recorded or his records, like all the other appointments he had been too. I wouldn't have even had described it as eczema more like a little bit of dry skin. Due to this his medical was failed through no fault of his own. He went to his first medical assessment and they told him that he would be called back in for another medical, where they will tell him if he had passes or failed. During his first medical the dr named dr Hora ( might be spelled wrong ) said that his eczema shouldn't effect his application and he has nothing to worry about. With this positive news he came home and immediately started training for his fitness ( physical ) test. For nearly a year he had trained for his fitness running 6 times a week long hours a day and even when we went on holiday. He was completely prepared for this test and had hope in himself that he would achieve this. When finally after ringing and ringing Capita he finally got a date and address for his 2nd medical assessment ( meeting ). From what dr. hora said to him on his last medical we all thought it would be good news until he rung us up. Right now he is on his way home and I don't know what else I can do to help this situation. Considering that every time he applies to somewhere and try's and practices his hardest he always gets failed. For example he applied twice for Berklee a music college in Boston. His first time he was failed but he didn't give up,bhe applied again and got failed, which he then found they Royal Marines and decided he wanted to do this. Even since he was a child he used to dress up in soldier costumes exc... I don't know how he will take this and I don't know if he will ever try applying for this or something else ever again. If you have read this all the way through thanks so much. But what He really needs is a miracle, he needs them to admit they made a mistake, not just for him but also for all the other potential recruits that they missed out on, due to there silly little rules that shouldn't be applied to his or others situations. Fair enough if others have bad eczema and constantly get flares and need strong creams to control it, but if it is similar to what happened to my brother then they make the worst decisions ever and ruin many young peoples lives. Please if you have been in a simular situation comment on your experience, my brother doesn't know I have write this for/ about him but I hope it made and impact.
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What mistake do you think has been made?


From your post (and you should not be naming names on here unless they are already 'famous' in the public eye, such as senior officers [read First and Second Sea Lords]) your brother has had persistent eczema since childhood which regularly requires treatment. Last episode was 2 years ago. The very definition of "chronic".

Wishing really hard to join HM forces means nowt - ALL forces personnel are volunteers and had at some point wanted to join or they would not have applied. All of the recruiting hurdles currently in place must be passed, or you do not get in. Very simple. In borderline cases you will not know if you will pass or not - rather than automatically exclude then an opportunity has been given to apply. Would he rather have just been given an outright "no don't bother"? If his hopes have been raised I can only presume that he has either not heard or not understood the proviso that the decision was that of the RN and you even say that the second medical was to decide if it is a pass / fail. So what has the doctor in the first medical done wrong exactly?

His life is not ruined. He is simply not afforded his (seemingly 2nd) choice career.

If he has grounds for appeal then he will have been given this information on who, what, where and when to do so.

If that is unsuccessful, go to Plan B.

The RN, nor the Army or Air Force, are under any obligation to take anyone. He should have had a contingency plan in case he was not successful and if he didn't, now is the time to get one.
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