Exams waste of money & time !


Experience is the key and if that means starting lower down then so be it anyone can pass MCSe exams its experience recruiters in IT want, end of. Exama re just amoney making scam similar to football fans season tickets, can you justify the price? erm no.....
MSCE is a computer geeky exam for those not in the know. But apart from not making any grammatical sense, clearly Mad_Dog does not share my thirst for knowledge. It doesn't matter if an exam has a point, it is all about furthering oneself if that is what one wants.

I started at the bottom in law, gained exprience and took exams at the same time - both have their advocates - my experience helps with the problem solving and the day to day running of my workload, but the qualification means that clients respect me because I have letters after my name.


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MCSE isn't inherently a waste of time and money, it doesn't have a great deal of actual value in the workplace though.

Because most MCSEs are done through the boot camp route there is little practical application or experience, so many end up doing helpdesk or desktop support work. Minimal cash and pretty low job satisfaction.

What's it stand for again? Minesweeper Certified & Solitaire Expert?


Rosie, letters after your name does not necessarily lead to respect. In this world there are two types of boss figure - leaders and managers. A leader can also be a good manager, I have yet to meet a manager who could be a good leader.

It's about the individuals character traits and I would say experience and knowledge together encased in a good strong character would make the best leader.....IMHO.

And that is what normally leads to respect......or am I being too military?

You are thinking in the military box GK. I was referring to the respect that my clients and other lawyers have for me because I have letters after my name. It does not of course mean I am good at what I do, just that I have worked my tits off to get the letters in the first place and it is a measure of my competence, along with all the other things you mention.
I tend to disagree Rosie, the letters after or in my case sometimes before the name are the things that get you over the threshold. What lets you stay there is your ability to do the job. When I got into this industry Lt RN Rtd was good enough but not today, they would want BSc as well, and some of those who have worked for me are PhDs. Now having got over the threshold I have managed to hang in on what I know and can do.

Every job has a threshold you have to get over and one of the major things is your qualifcations these days, no paper no job. Now I agree that paper does not guarantee you can do the job andI have seen my share of those who can't.

I do think today there is an over reliance on paper qualifications and for some jobs the threshold is set too high, but that is the way of todays world and unless you actually run the company you will not buck the system.
Perhaps it is relative to your particular career, and of course we all speak from that reference point. There are [email protected], but well trained lawyers, qualified to the hilt who are academic and have little empathy with their clients, and then there are people who do the job well because they have been doing it for years and know practically everything there is to know!


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"I started at the bottom in law"

Thats not a nice way to refer to your other half's mother...

Sorry - didn't mean to distract the thread, just bored and fed up with arguing about locking Iran hostage threads.....


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