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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by ex_rubberdagger, Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. "Glucagon is a hormone secreted naturally by the pancreas. It increases glucose in the blood by mobilising glycogen which is stored in the liver!"

    Arrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhh my fcuking heaed hurts with all this revision!!

    Note to self that letting off steam on RR during exam stress is a good idea!!
  2. What exam are you taking mate?
  3. It's a grade up from Paramedic mate. One week to prepare, night shifts inbetween and no sleep. deep joy!!
  4. Ouch nasty. Hated revising for my gcse's. Can you not take some notes on your shifts with you. I used to have one at my station at the hotel I was working at when I was at school. Just work on the stuff your not so sure about and memorise the key sentences. Thats what I did but everyone learns a different way.
  5. Thanks for the advice but trying to revise on a shift like last night when i was picking up drunken teenagers and mopping out vomit from the back of my yellow taxi makes it a bit difficult. Still have tomorrow to revise but shagged!!!
  6. Oh your a cabbie. My dad used to be an ambulance driver and when he picked a pisshead he put the bottom of his shirt over his head so he was sick on his face. That might help a bit but make sure they dont drown. Good luck with the exam mate.
  7. That'll be Bootymedic then. Oh no, silly me, that's a grade below!
  8. "Neurones or nerve cells conduct nerve impulses from one part of the body to another. They maybe sensory, transmitting impulses to the brain, or motor transmitting impulses from the brain to the effector organ. Neuralgia is a specialised connective tissue that binds and protect Neurones"

  9. Are your neurones hurting rubber ?
  10. yup, overdosing as i type!!!!


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