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Ex Stoker trying to become a Kiwi

Has anyone out there ever tried to join/joined the Kiwi Navy? I have just had an offer of service from them and need advice please. :?


War Hero
I don't know anything about the Kiwi Navy, however NZ seems to be a great place to live and seems to reward those who work. My advise is investigate the offer if all is good don't waste your time and accept it.
Best wishes on a new life.
I think there was a thread on this a few months ago, but they have a lot of info on joining from overseas here:

NZ Navy

I also know someone who has joined the NZ Navy, so I can get a bit of info from him if you want.
As an afterthought, where do you live and when did you leave?

If you left recently, and live near Portsmouth, you may be eligible to attend one of the emigration briefs given by the resettlement centre in Nelson.

Send me a PM if you want more info.


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ohhhhh and our delicious, K-bar thieving, DM brewery drinking NZ bootneck xxx (somehow kisses aren't going to make up for it this time NZ, are they?). :D :D


War Hero
If you accept, you will be joining an expanding, well respected if small organisation run along familiar RN principles with a good few people who have joined from the RN. What you have to weigh up is your family and any committments you may have to them. If you dont have any, I personally would jump at the chance, as you have nothing to lose and the RN will probably still be short of people if you decide you dont like NZ - by which time you will probably have had plenty of time to check out Australia too!


I did an exchange in '99 when I was instructing at Phoenix fire school. (Exercise Long Look)
5 months based in Devonport, Auckland. Absolute quality, beautiful country. A friend of mine (ex CPO(AH)) has just joined the Kiwi Air Force (Fire Dept) & is absolutely loving it.
By the way, when I was out there I saw so many guys I knew from Fearless over the years. They were crying out for steamie stokers at the time for their old Leanders.
I was offered a job at the NBCD school but I didn't have the bottle. Fantastic place.


Lantern Swinger
Spent a few years in the Reserves over there before moving to the UK a few years ago. The RNZN is expanding again.. and it's a great place to be/work for!
diesel_wiesel said:
Has anyone out there ever tried to join/joined the Kiwi Navy? I have just had an offer of service from them and need advice please. :?

Why worry -- Take the chance and go - it certainly can't be worse than here, surely ?
And if you don't like it, come back. You might regret that you didn't go..

My old Dad was due for transfer to the Oz Navy (many. many years ago), was all set to go, and then the old Dear changed her mind, he's regretted it ever since.
He's 86 now, and still talks of his missed opportunity.
Don't forget that the NZ Navy has NO arrangement with the NZ immigration authorities, although you can use the Offer of Service as proof of employment, unlike the RAN which works hand-in-hand with the Oz Immigration Service.


Returned last summer after spending 2 years in "the land of the great white form"

Found the place to lack infrastructure and governed by MPs who make Blair and Brown look like honest folk. A very beautiful country but expensive to live there and standards across the board very low.

Now see the UK in a different light and appreciate the culture, oppertunity, freedom and society far more than we did before our adventure.

Think very very carefully before you make the leap. As we found out, the grass is not always greener.


War Hero
jim 4244?????

This one is easy fellow RR's. First question: How could it be worse??

Not even going to defend my homeland to you, because you have the dogs barking in the neighbourhood!!!! Sorry installed a WALT-o-METER up the road??


aussiepint said:
jim 4244?????

This one is easy fellow RR's. First question: How could it be worse??

Not even going to defend my homeland to you, because you have the dogs barking in the neighbourhood!!!! Sorry installed a WALT-o-METER up the road??

I'm sorry but you are going to have to say that again in English....
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