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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Ex_Pongo, Sep 3, 2014.

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  1. I left the army just over 2 years ago and have a decent job in civvy street, but feel there's something missing. I assume I'd have to undergo RN basic training which I'm cool with. If I applied for an engineering role, would my NVQ and apprenticeship gained in the army and civilian experience count for anything with regards to trade training or would this be subject to assessment. Just putting out the feelers at the moment. All help gratefully received.
  2. It won't actually count for anything but it will give you a good grounding and a head start, some of the NVQ's may be valid though but you'll still have to start from the beginning with the rest of your course.
  3. This is where direct entry tiffs (spit) was a good idea!

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  4. Hello there, just like Ex_Pongo I myself am an ex squaddie. I served 10 years in the Army Air Corps and left this January as a Cpl. I was walking through town today and had the sudden urge to open the door to the Armed Forces Careers Office, so I popped in and had a chat with a Warrant Officer who said that if I signed up, because of my previous service although I wouldn't keep my equivalent rank I would start on a higher pay rate that would be worked out by those crazy lot up at Glasgow. Can anyone verify this as he couldn't give me that many details. Cheers.
  5. Just a thought. Are all these ex-Pongoes wanting to join the RN because they have heard that we can get TWO snorkers at brekky?
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  6. sonar-bender, although that is definitely a perk its more the fact that during Op Olympics I was mostly working with you sailor types and i got introduced to sun uppers, a life changing moment.
  7. Sun downers surely, unless you were mingling with a group of real alkies - such as the STC!
  8. I say again, sun uppers followed by teaching conflict management to bootnecks

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