Ex Serviceman Has to go blind before NHS Will Help

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by ukdaytona, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. Just goes to prove yet again how screwed up the NHS is when it wont help this guy until he goes blind EVEN though there is treatment available to help him keep his sight. The Gov. 'NICE' department wont give guidance. Has there ever been a more inapproriate name for something than NICE ffs

  2. Re: Ex Serviceman Has to go bling before NHS Will Help

    i searched the bbc page and see that the reason he didnt get the funding was because he didnt have his bling chav gear on.
  3. Re: Ex Serviceman Has to go bling before NHS Will Help

    could also be because he has always paid his way, served his country, never asked for help etc....
  4. Re: Ex Serviceman Has to go bling before NHS Will Help

    Silly bugger should have claimed asylum..... :roll:
  5. Re: Ex Serviceman Has to go bling before NHS Will Help

    All jokes aside, this is bloody outrageous. The point about it not making economic sense to let him go blind and then have to pay to look after him for the rest of his days as opposed to a measley six grand for an operation which would allow him and his wife to retain some quality of life should be enough to make anyone see the sense of it. Why can't any of these jobsworths see past the end of their noses for once.

  6. FlagWagger

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    Re: Ex Serviceman Has to go bling before NHS Will Help

    Different budgets - if accountant A spends the 6 grand he/she goes over budget and gets bollocked, while by not spending the 6 grand accountant A's targets are fulfilled and the long term care issue becomes a SEP (Someone Else's Problem).
  7. Re: Ex Serviceman Has to go bling before NHS Will Help

    Was at St Mary's Hospital the other week just after my daughter had given birth prematurely to her son. Because the young lad was born 10 weeks early he has to remain at the Special Care Unit until he has gained more weight or his correct birth date (mid of June)

    Anyway, was at the reception with my daughter, her OH and my wife and my daughter asked whether she would receive any assistance with parking fees as she was required to visit the baby each day until his 'release'.

    The nurse said NO. At which point I jumped in with both feet and as diplomatically as I could muster with...

    "No, no, no, you have it wrong, we are poor people from Romania, I am her gypsy father and we need to feed the other 15 children. We only arrived last week and need help please."

    Queue dig in ribs from the wife, laughter from daughter and filthy looks from nurse. Daughter did eventually get a 'special pass' which enables her to park free. But just shows how crap our system really is.
  8. Re: Ex Serviceman Has to go bling before NHS Will Help

    Was up the local Hospital 'drop in centre' other night with other half as she couldnt get into see her GP and having been there the previous night she had been diagnosed by a nurse with suspected appendicitus (SIC?) and told to go home but if it got worse, go back.

    Went back the next day as she had got worse not better. Arrived just after 5 and 'reported in' at reception, put £1.55 in meter (2 hours was £1.80) at which point it spat out my ticket for 1hr. At just after 6, headed to car to put more money in the cash point, sorry ticket machine.

    Got back just in time for OH to be called in to see a nurse (no drs on duty until GP surgery closes) - sat there for 5 minutes before the nurse turned round, said nothing she could do and to come back at 7 when a GP would be able to assess her.

    We went to get some fresh air..... got back just before 7, sat there for another 20 minutes before seeing a GP - said he wasnt sure but wanted her to see the oncall Gyne person so off we trudged to another part of the hospital - all the time OH in pain. Waited another hour when she was told to go provide a sample, while she was doing that, I ran off to feed the car park dalek again. Came back and (GET THIS) after 10 mins she was asked when she last emptied her bladder as they needed to do a scan and she needed a full bladder so they gave her loads of water to drink.

    Had the scan, no gyne problems, need a surgical consultation (ARRRGGGGHHHHH) by now its about 21:30, not eaten since midday and other half is diabetic...... Sat there another half an hour, all the time she was in pain, crying and getting more and more upset - surgical consultant turned up, jabbed her hard in stomach and (after peeling her off the ceiling) told her wasnt appedicitus, gave her a prescription for strong pain killers and sent her home.

    A week later she is still in pain but refuses to go see anyone else about it.
  9. Ukdaytona - That is absolutely shocking about your OH. Without a shadow of a doubt id put a complaint in about that.

    NMC codes of conduct states that you shouldnt just neglect your patient, if there was nothing that the nurse could have done for your OH, at least she should have given her some ADEQUATE pain relief!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. It makes you sick about that poor ex-service man. In fact it makes my blood boil!!!!!!!!

    After working in a&e for several months I found out that you vary rarely get the average person with a genuine case needing emergency treatment.

    It is your usual CHAV full of bling that cant be arsed contacting their doctors or waiting several days to see them, so they just turn up expecting normal medical help. DRAINING OUR RESOURCES (which are limited enough as it is!!!)

    An example of this is believe it or not, but we had some CHAV come into a&e expecting us to take out her uking hair extensions!!!!!!!!
    I mean please, what the hell is this world now coming too!!!!!!

    It really infuriates us having to deal with p1ss takers like this, especially having to work on an extremely busy ward. Are these people either extremely THICK or just trying to wind us up????
  11. Put in a complaint mate , all NHS workers have a Duty of Care in there contract , if they cant provide that they shouldnt be there , I work there , love my job , but see some awful situations , shake my head in anger , but powerless to do anything apart from mention it to the girls at the nurses desk , (aarh she/he always does that ) ffs , see it every day , sad sad sad , shameful , well done Tony Bliar ,

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