Ex service members - Official wearing of uniform.


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clanky said:
Ben1400 said:
I see quite a few people on here seem to be against wearing rig after leaving & I am one of those!

However comma :)

My eldest daughter is getting married in August & she wants me to wear my No1s to take her down the aisle, so I have agreed. The intention is to wear my No1s for the church ceremony & photos and then shift into Civvies for the reception. Which incidentally seems to fit in with the regs in “BR 81 Ch 2 0208 para fâ€, as someone quoted on page one of this chat.

This is causing me a bit of grief as I will need to lose a few pounds, but let’s face it, she’s worth it! I’m not trying to steal her lime light she wants it so I reckon that makes things OK. :?

What D’ya think?

Since you ask mate, the regs seem to say(my bold)
f. Former members of the Naval Service may wear uniform on state or other occasions of ceremony, provided it is in the best interests of the Service to do so. It should be noted that it is illegal for anyone who is not a former member of the Naval Service, the proof of which lies upon the individual, to:

(1) Wear a Naval or any other uniform that is so similar to the real uniform that it might be mistaken for it.


(2) Wear a distinctive mark relating to service performed, wear a service medal, ribbon, badge, decoration/order or imitation thereof, or any other that is awarded for campaign service or any imitation thereof, that is likely to be mistaken for any such mark, medal, ribbon, badge decoration or order.

Does your daughters wedding qualify as a state or similar ceremonial occasion? I suspect not in the spirit of the rules, but since its unlikeky that anyone is going to be around to enforce this rule, you might as well crack on!
See my first quote on this thread it should answer your question!LOL


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I am really sad,I get to wear my rig once a week and most weekends,the joys of being a wavy navy officer with the CCF! And yes my 8s still fit,only been out 16 months!