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Ex Scab lifter


Lantern Swinger
19 and a half years in the Andrew
left in 1996 took voluntary redundancy
HM Ships Glamorgan, Ariadne, Danae,Arrow, Mohawk
NP 2010
Shore Bases Ganges, Drake , Raleigh
RN Hospitals Haslar, Plymouth, Gibraltar
made redundant Nov 05 from a clinical research place
looking for work in IT Support 8)


War Hero
What ho Grey bags!Nice to see one of Gods Chosen here.When were you at Haslar?We may have met.


Lantern Swinger
Only part two and three training 1975-1978 plus some time after training then went to Guzz for 2 + years
and killicks course in 86 apart from that Guzz based mainly


War Hero
I was in dolphin2 for my Part2 &3 training in 78.I was in Jenner Class, and Class Leader.


Bit after my time although I was in Dolphin 2 in 71 -72. However seemed to be attached to the place by elastic and bounced back every couple of years or so. :( Spent time on Devonshire, Hermes, Manchester & Intrepid, NP2010. Gib (RNH) Haslar, Dryad, RNMST.
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