Ex Scab lifter


Lantern Swinger
19 and a half years in the Andrew
left in 1996 took voluntary redundancy
HM Ships Glamorgan, Ariadne, Danae,Arrow, Mohawk
NP 2010
Shore Bases Ganges, Drake , Raleigh
RN Hospitals Haslar, Plymouth, Gibraltar
made redundant Nov 05 from a clinical research place
looking for work in IT Support 8)


Lantern Swinger
Only part two and three training 1975-1978 plus some time after training then went to Guzz for 2 + years
and killicks course in 86 apart from that Guzz based mainly
Bit after my time although I was in Dolphin 2 in 71 -72. However seemed to be attached to the place by elastic and bounced back every couple of years or so. :( Spent time on Devonshire, Hermes, Manchester & Intrepid, NP2010. Gib (RNH) Haslar, Dryad, RNMST.
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