Ex SBS man butchered in Baghdad.


Lantern Swinger
"He is remembered for his 22 years in the Royal Marines as an intelligent, determined man who did not seek promotion.
Thats an understatment if the other story is correct.

But Brian was a fearless veteran of 20 years with the elite Special Boat Service, the ultra-covert sister regiment of the SAS.
The death of someone with such a distinguished career is bad enough but the babarity used in killing him is an indication of how little these people value life . The killing of witnesses adds to the sick behaviour of the vermin but with the corruption at all levels hard to cope with . Would covert action apply the justice needed as there really is no justice it appears just a matter who who can pay the most money. What can be done to sort out this bleedin' shambles ? FIIK.
Hell of a sad story, but I am very surprised a man of his experience was shacked up in bandit country with a local woman, anyone could see where that was leading.
Damn shame.
This is a very sad story and one which obviously has a lot more to it but the chances are we will never get to the bottom of it.

Corruption is rife throughout Iraq . I have witnessed this first hand on a daily basis during my time out there. Everyone is on the take and you can't move without some Iraqi sticking his hand out for a bung ("The coalition must give me this"). Incredibly - for the most part we have learned to ignore it as it is pretty much their way of life and because we hear it all the time, we have acclimatised to it!

To some War = Misery, to others it = Profit. With so much cash being poured in by the Americans (in particular) it is unsurprising that the profiteers have moved in and guess what folks, they're not all Arabs so can we blame the Iraqis from trying to take their cut too? Perhaps if we actually did something decisive to stop the corruption coming in from the West we would have some hope of starting to put things right in Iraq itself. But in order to deal with these corporations effectively we would have to navigate a legal system designed to favour the incredibly well financed.

Getting back to Brian Tilley - it is just so wrong on so many levels to see a man of his incredible stature to die at the hands of men who were trained by the West, paid by the West, provided with weapons by the West ... the only thing we didn't do is pull the trigger! ? Interestingly things aren't that far beyond the pale in Iraq that we couldn't influence them to make justice happen. Perhaps a suspension of funding would do the trick.

I'm in shock. It's the first I've heard of it. I used to climb a lot with 'Big BT' when we served together up in Scotland in the early 80's. If my memory serves me correctly he held a few of the records on the 'old' SBS selection (the pick up a 100lbs pack and run a timed mile and the 30 miler, before a certain Olympian Mr Berni S came along and smashed them), sadly that two week pre SC course selection is no more and all UK SF candidates do a bit of hill walking in Wales now!

I havent seen Big BT since 1984. How time flies. It's very sad and my thoughts are with his family and close friends.

You've gota hang your guns up one day!
Started to read this and thought I recognized it straight away. A scene just like this is in Duncan Falconer's book The Protector. Perhaps The author was a friend of Brian Tilley's?

Back to the event though, this is tragic. And worse still the justice system can't seem to handle it. Did we get nothing right when we went in there? It all seems a bit of a shambles to me.

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