Ex-SAS man deported to Equatorial Guinea

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Ships_Cat, Feb 1, 2008.

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  1. Old Etonian and friend of Mark Thatcher, says it all really.
  2. Well no it doesn't actually. Simon Mann was a very accomplished soldier. If Peter de la Billiere speaks highly of him, it's certainly good enough for me.
  3. No he wasn't.
  4. No he wasn't.
  5. did you know him Harry? (Mann that is)
  6. HarryBosch. Chaps do not become Captains in the Hereford Hooligans on the basis of being a toff with good attendance. Had he not been competent, he would have soon been returned to Unit; and he wasn't. Additionally, whatever one may think about the brown jobs, it is extremely rare for a dummy to progress beyond Major. Finally, a true star like de la Billiere would not ask the man to return to duty as his ADC if he didn't have total confidence in him.

    There are times to see beyond class prejudices. Either way, the poor sod's as good as dead now. Perhaps the moral is not to trust ones life to spineless tw**ts with money.
  7. POL, I'm sorry you think that I'm suffering from "class prejudice". What on earth makes you accuse me of such a thing? After inspecting and analysing my post for signs of it I can only assume that you're the prejudiced one.

    Anyway, PdlB, Mann and Spicer were all good mates, and I'm not knocking anybody who passed selection, but PBs book and leadership was as welcome as McNab according some of 'Them'.

    The point about Mann is that he believed his own press. In his world, he was the dashing English adventurer, pirate, even. He pulled strings to play the part of (? CO?) for a documentary about Bloody Sunday, just about the time he was getting involved with the diamond trade. Brave? Mad as a hatter? Yes. A good soldier? Only in another century where being dashing and irresponsible was the mark of a good officer.

    Hope that helps to clarify my position. :)
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Well, he's fcuk now. May he die quickly and painlessly.
  9. HarryBosch. Isn't it interesting how many of us silly buggers stay up until oh christ double dark contemplating these matters. Anyway, sorry for implying you are class prejudiced. I could not possibly have drawn that conclusion from your one liner "No he wasn't". That actually made me chuckle because it reminded me of the Is This the Right Room for an Argument sketch. "That's not an agument, it's contradiction"! I was clearly and wrongly associating you with slim's sentiments.

    I can understand your misgivings over the Mann man but I'm unable to support them; the "irresponsible" label in particular. Have you noticed that it's often the brave, dashing, supremely self confident and a bit crazy officers that have often had a disproportionately winning influence on a campaign? Consider Hasler, Sterling, Lawrence (TE, not Robert), Gibson, Prien and, possibly, our own dear Nelson. I feel a whole new Thread coming on. I must admit to some bias towards d l B because my ex brown job pal holds him in near reverance, in the "best boss I've ever had" category.

    Whatever we think of Mann, as wet_blobby observes, he's buggered now and lets hope that the inevitable is as painless as possible.
  10. Well he's not buggered yet, but probably soon will be. Still no problem for an old Etonian. :thumright:
  11. PoL, In the cool light of day I think you're right about crazy officers, I quite liked them too. How can I forget OC Charlie Coy who used to take us speed marching with a GPMG slung around his neck or Southerby Taylor swaggering about with his stick as our LC went ashore down south. Wouldn't change them for the world :thumright: Shame that PB's book helped trigger other publications followed by recrimination and infighting within his Reg. Still, unlike Gutherie he didn't try to ingratiate himself with TBs little circle of friends.

    Yours Aye :thumright:
  12. Except I wouldn't want to be anywhere near the buggers. Never share a foxhole with somebody braver than you! But then, what do I know: I was only a medic!
  13. I remember reading an article about him at the time of his capture (again from the Torygraph I think) which had basically the same tenet, that maybe he was beginning to believe what was written about him, although it is fair to say it was interesting reading, if not always moral or advisable (bit like RR in some ways...). Character, yes maybe he was playing one, but I can't tell as I hadn't met him (wondered if anyone here had). I did meet DlB though....

    Anyway, as slim points out, I doubt they have much in prison to worry a man who lived through Eton back in the day. Puts me in mind of the Blackadder "hot crumpet" line.....
  14. Respect! Don't ever knock medics. As you know the one's in 42 were particularly brilliant :thumright:
  15. From the torygraph.....

    'Injured' Simon Mann may still be in Zimbabwe


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