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Yes it's not just this government that's been caught out, it's time that all governments/politicians put out the facts as to where the real problems exist instead of manipulating the figures & trying to bamboozle the public with smoke & mirrors.

QUESTION! is the attendance allowance being included in the current overhaul of the benefits system?

The problem exists because politicians and governments manipulate the figures to feed the drivel that idiots like you come out with.

Please Lil's I want to call him a


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Whilst it cannot be denied that there are many seriously unwell/disabled people about we do seem to have an inordinate number of claimants in what is supposed to be a healthy country, why is this so? surely the way forward is to sort out the cause so as not to suffer the affects, in Kent there has been a large percentage of claimants who don't bother to attend for assessment when they get the call, is this an indication of the high number of false claims currently running in the system?:neutral:

Armchair consultant ?........ yep.
Sir you are a fool !!!!!. I have friends who are that bad that every step they take which is few they are in utter agony and yes they have worked all of there lives just struck down in the last year or so .It would not be a shame if you ended up the same way with an attitude like that !

My names not Sir i work for a living.
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