"Ex RN (SM) Comedian Gives First Aid During Gig"

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by soleil, Apr 12, 2010.

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  1. He is down my way on May 22nd so might have al ook at him
  2. He's got another London gig coming up, so I might check him out too.

    I've been aware of him for a while actually. He does sold out shows up at Edinburgh every August as part of the Fringe.
  3. Likewise.
    RR London Run-Ashore?
  4. I'm going to see Eric's Tales of the Sea tomorrow and shall report back.

    Hope he's good!
  5. I wonder what he was doing in the foyer (where the person collapsed) when he was getting to the good bit of his act?
  6. Witsy

    I did!

    I was chatting to him in the bar afterwards and I asked him whether he is doing the Fringe this year. He is, he will be at the Just the Tonic @ The Caves venue which is in Niddry Street, near Cowgate, from August 6th to the 30th.

    I think that booking for Fringe events opens in June - I'll mention the show again closer to that date.
  7. Sol,

    Are sure you are mixing in the right circles? 8O


    Whatever next - Jo-Jo & the Black Rat for tea & sticky buns ?? :wink:
  8. Yes, I did, it was excellent.

    I'm going to write a little review of it later on. I have said to him that I'm not going to lift any of his dits wholesale as part of my review, but I did note down some key words such as SETT, mopeds, goats and beer!
  9. Well, if they ask ....................

  10. The goat one is bad; I did say to him "Oh no, Eric, not a goat ............". The beer dit is much, much worse. I said to him "Eric, that beer dit, that's not really true, is it? "Oh yes", he said.
  11. 8O The Goat?

    Must be on the Square :wink:
  12. For what it's worth we were both sent to 'T' boats at the same time 88/89 after mech's course and did the DCB course together. I think he may have gone to Triumph, can't recall. He was CPOWEA an 'is name ain't Eric....now where was I?

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