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Hello. I served as a wafu for 5 years in the RN. Spent quite a bit of time on the Fort George and Vic. Enjoyed the RFA way of life. Sooo...I sent my application of last night for Comms rating and Motorman. I am an engineer on the outside so MM makes sense. Interested in the route to officer in the long run after reading about it on here.

Does anybody know if my previous service will count towards training etc? Did an apprenticeship. Just nervous that the starting pay is 14k and I will be on that for a couple of years. Have a mortgage etc so could be a deal breaker with the wife.

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Previous service means nothing, we currently have several ex stokers on course including a chief and we have to do it all, the only part you could miss is functional skills if you can prove you have done it within the last 5 years.

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As far as I'm aware the new apprentices don't get the 4-3, don't quote me but I think it's 7 days for every month

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I was fortunate to get in the last intake on the old scale, I can see it putting a few people off, but if you can afford to hold out it will be worth it. Don't take my word as gospel tho, double check with recruitment

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What practical experience do you gain as motorman? How much time is spent at college/ sea? I've applied for Systems Engineer but I am interested in motorman as a back up incase I don't make it through as SE.

Thanks in advance
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