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Discussion in 'RFA' started by PO Potty Mouth, Nov 5, 2013.

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  1. Good evening all.
    I am leaving the RN and ex jenny has pointed me towards this direction
    the RFA is very much something I am thinking about but not leaving the RN until october next year

    I am a PO(CIS) currently serving in the pompey area so joining as a CR is something appealing to me
    Was curious if my relative experience would serve me well in the application stages and the fact I am completely DII qualified (up to SSM)

    also, I know there is a round of recruiting going on now but I do not leave the RN until october so really think it would be best to wait until the next round of recruiting in april/may (so i have been told)

    any thought on this would be most appreciated.
  2. Right now they'd probably bite your hand off. Later, who knows.

    Whilst the RFA doesn't advertise for 'qualified' CRs, there are plenty have come across in the past. I'd get in touch with RFA recruitment ASAP to get everything lined up if you can. It is not unheard of to leave the RN on Friday and join the RFA on Monday.
  3. Does the RFA have a route to become a Deck Officer from the ranks like RN SUY? Just wondering!
  4. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    RTO - Rating To Officer

    Just the thoughts of a blonde ex wren.
  5. Call recruiting and talk to them- good luck!
  6. I am also a qualified PO(CIS) with very same skill set as yourself. I was over the moon when I heard that the RFA was recruiting Comms Rates, the dates tied in perfectly for when I was due to the leave the RN. I also have experience working on RFA platforms. So I was very disappointed to have received a letter today stating that they were not looking for qualified personnel. Words cannot even go to comprehend on how gutted I am!
  7. What is even more startling is that the cutoff date for the Comms Rates was Friday the 29th of November on looking at my letter of rejection it was posted on Wednesday the 27th! Surely the HR team should wait until the after the final cut off date before sending letters of rejection out.
  8. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    They process people throughout the recruitment period with RT's being sat by some people before the closing date for applications. If they are only recruiting CR2's and not qualified CR's you will still be over qualified at the end of the recruitment period so why would they wait to send the rejection?

    Just the thoughts of a blonde ex wren
  9. Did you apply for a CR2 position or on spec for something else?
  10. I applied for CR2.
  11. I recently spoke direct to my ex SCO (RFA) and a ex Yeoman (RFA). Who says they are crying out for personnel with DII and BOWMAN knowledge. Both of which I am fully qualified for (DII upto SSM and BOWMAN Advanced Signaler and BOWMAN Crypto Custodian). This seems to by passed the HR team who want raw ratings rather than experienced personnel. It is ashame because there is a lot of knowledge out there that could be an asset to the RFA.
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  12. PERSOPS are generally useless, and recruitment frequently misses the mark. The apparent fact that you were rejected for a trainee position on the basis of having qualifications and experience that would greatly shorten your training period makes no sense whatsoever. This is part of the reason why the RFA has a developing manpower crisis.
  13. have you tried asking about joining as an SE officer? Are your quals appropriate for that?
  14. Unfortunately I do not hold the qualifications for SE officer.
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  15. How about for SE officer cadet? Might be worth ringing them and seeing if what you have would count for anything on the trainee SE officer route. They are able to tailor make training pathways for individuals
  16. Thanks for the info Bluebird79 I will give it a shot.
  17. I know what you mean. I too am SSM qualified on DII (where course spaces are even less likely than rocking horse shyte)
    and I called up the RFA desk and was told 'in no uncertain terms' that it would not help me in anyway during an application process.

    what sort of recruitment for any job ignores essential skill set for jobs they are recruiting for????

    utter madness. If i was successful, the fact that I am soon to be EX-PO(CIS) means that most of the comms courses are not required and would actually be an asset in being available more for sea time. I am not asking for extra pay, not asking to jump in at a higher rate.......

    but hey, that matters not one jot

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  18. Also agree with you one hundred percent. Surely there has got to be a case for discrimination against ex-comms rates here! I could understand if I did not have the correct credentials that I would not be considered. When you not only have the correct credentials, you have a wealth of knowledge to back it up, you SHOULD be given a fair chance. Not to be placed on a pile of not required. Just because they have seen from our application form that we are from a comms background and they are not recruiting trained personnel. (Which was quite clearly stated in there letter of rejection) I feel very frustrated about this matter and I will be contacting the HR department to find out exactly what criteria needed to be met for these positions.
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  19. Perhaps the RFA is making a move away from recruiting ex RN?

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  20. if so, why...its like the RN saying its moving away from recruiting women...discrimination !!!

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