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EX-RN Hoping to join


Hi all,

I have applied for a role as communications apprentice, having left the RN last year after 22 years in the comms branch. I am waiting to see if I pass the application process and get called for an interview. Does anyone know the current routine? ie If I get and pass an interview and then medical is it just a case of wait for a date to pitch up at collingwood etc etc


My application process was:
-Sit Recruit Test at AFCO
-Await paper sift to see if you get offered an interview
-Interview at HMNB portsmouth
-If successful at interview you will be given a provisional offer
- Get ENG1, vacinations, security clearance
-Formal offer


Thats clear and concise. Thanks very much.
Hopefully I will be able to shave a few weeks of the process as I am SC'd in my current job and as I only left the RN last year I would imagine my vaccinations are up to date.
I am hoping that having not long left the RN comms world that this will go towards getting an interview


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You might be lucky but despite having SC when I applied I still had to go through the process again. It only took 4 weeks to come through though.


I had a letter yesterday saying thanks but no thanks as I have no qualifications/experience in IT. I nearly choked on my wet. I rang and repeated what was on my application, ie. 22 years RN comms and IT. Currently working in IT etc so they told me to send in copies af any quals I have. Fortunately I printed of my competencies befor I left the mob and I did ECDL etc during resettlement so I have to wait and see if I can get an interview again


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Qualifications and experience? Isn't that what you're supposed to get as an apprentice?

I remember an RFA Comms officer telling me a few years ago that they were not so keen on taking the ex RN time done blokes anymore and were preferring to grow people from civvy street with no previous experience.

Good luck, hope you get the result you desire
The past 2 intakes of Comms have both had ex RN Comms people in them.
Things may be changing now, as the intake of people switch over to the apprentice scheme.


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:( they no longer want people with any experience.

The way you put it is disingenuous. The Comms branch want experience and have experienced people and new ( not necessarily young) ratings will acquire experience in the RFA.

The RFA recruit experienced officers and ratings when there is a requirement.
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