Ex RN Chef thinking of joining up, advice please...


As title suggests I left the mob in 2004 and have since gained a Degree in journalism (which isn't much use). I've been teaching English in South Korea for a few years and married a Korean lass.

I want to head home and wouldn't mind going back to sea.

I'd be interested in Supply Officer but my maths skills are nothing short of horrendous TBH.

Wouldn't mind going down the cookie route again even though I've been out of the game for a while.

Any advice please?



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They're desperate for chefs Ben. I expect that they would snap your hand off if you're within the age /fitness parameters. Just expect to spend a lot of time at sea.
How long did you do the first time?


Just a tad under 4 years left on good terms and spent a while in the RNR too while I was studying at uni.

I'm 42 and in good shape .

I contacted the RN too to see if they'd have me back but I'm almost certain they'd block it on residency and being 'overqualified '. I recall a guy I served with having snags for completing an OU degree so hence being smarter ( on paper) than his DO.

I see that the 'apprentice chefs' are killicks. Can one apply from abroad ?


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Can you be 'over qualified'? A myth perhaps? @Ninja_Stoker will help I'm sure. He is the font of all knowledge:)
dapps what have I told you about but kissing that stocker chappies arse,you know it goes to his:phead
BoroC you are probably correct where you have living may throw up some issue, if you can clear security, dapps mentioned Chef shortage, especially boats. Probably because no one has ever passed the Chef course, the best we get is cooks:rolleyes:
@Ninja_Stoker when he gets out of his rack may have some pointers, just don't mention pigeon pie.


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Can you be 'over qualified'? A myth perhaps? @Ninja_Stoker will help I'm sure. He is the font of all knowledge:)
Complete messdeck myth, perpetuated by those who ill-advisedly assume a degree makes a good leader.

There's a Doctor (General Practitioner) serving as an AB in the RNR, a nuclear physicist working on the Hadron Collider at CERN who is a GD Marine in the RMR, so if a Chef with a degree wants to be a Chef, he can be a Chef. One Other Rank Royal Marine recruit troop of 50 men had 17 degrees between them with a further 20 qualified educationally for Officer entry.

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