Ex Rm and the wearing of rig.

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by jmacrm, Oct 16, 2012.

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  1. Can anyone best advise me on whether i am permitted to wear my Blues to Public events. I am attending the Free The Five gathering on the 28th Oct and am considering wearing No 1's. I would like any and all views on this pls. I was proud to serve then as i am as proud to serve now.
  2. No stop there and rewind,:biggrin: blazer, suit, shirt and tie, or what ever civi clothing you like, if you really must go. I can see it ending in tears:biggrin:
  3. I would say that's a big fat negative on all counts TBH, as Tentoes says, that way lays the path to pain and grief and shedloads of negative publicity.
  4. Thirded........................
  5. I cannot express the levels of disapointment and anger I feel about the whole situation, and like everyone else wait with baited breath for the CM to be over with the proper findings. however due to the fact this gathering has been publicised/organised on a public forum, I can't help but feel other parties will do their best to turn good intent into bad press. However this is one time that I hope I'm proved totally wrong.
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  6. Just wear your bling and a suit/blazer. We all know you're all wearing panties and stockings underneath anyway.
  7. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    No, dont wear Blues.

    Shirt, tie, jacket & gongs etc. If the reason for Blues is a lack of smart jacket, tie etc dont worry, just buff your shoes, look smart as you can, put on your lid and put your shoulders back.
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  8. With the advice above do as you now think best.
    You served with pride so attend with pride, but do not make yourself a political porn in someone else’s agenda, and be used to blacken good intent.
  9. Has anyone actually ascertained that the 5 didn't do something naughty yet?

    Not being funny but a lot of people are going to have egg on their face if the video emerges and its five blokes torturing an unarmed bloke before popping him in the temple.

    As much as we all agree that the Taleban are ******* and should be culled, we still have a responsibility to play by the rules.

    I'm gonna hold off a while longer and see how this pans out before I rev up the outrage motorbike.

    Just saying like.
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  10. I have been trying to explain this to people, unfortunately they just continue to rant about supporting our own etc.

    I think it's a pretty poor showing to be honest that people are willing to leap in in support of something they know nothing about just because they are servicemen.

    I'm abstaining from judgement until the truth comes out.
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  11. Let's start a book on what the video is likely to be.

    I'm calling dibs on the scenario I outlined above:

    Tied up bearded bloke, stripped to the waste, being pummelled to near death by naked men with roll mats on their arms, identifiable only by their globe and buster tats. Before finally being put out of his misery with a single SA80 shot to the temple.

    Edited to add: Hoofing.
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  12. I have to agree with 2Decks and Monty

    Even though they may be being used, someone must have enough to warrant a
    charge being made, so only time will tell.

    If all or any are found to be innocent I hope the press will give them as much
    publicity? But I doubt that will happen

    Just an after thought

    I wonder if the Yanks that took out Bin laden, will get the same treatment even if videoed?

    And before any one jumps in I know the Yanks have had their share of war crime trials for their troops.
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  13. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    MLP/2DD,I couldn't agree more. My son came home from college yesterday having been involved in quite a heated debate about this topic. He was stunned to find that I didn't back him automatically. Although he understands about ROE etc, trying to explain to him that a war crime is a war crime whether it's been perpetrated by Taliban or our forces was extremely difficult. I think it may have been better for all concerned if this had been kept quiet until more information was available to keep the sensation seekers quiet. My biggest worry for the guys concerned is that they are just being used as political pawns. If that is the case then sympathy is not a sufficient word to express my support for them, but I too will reserve the casting of an opinion until the full story comes out.
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  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    There is heaps of wild uninformed speculation about what actually happened and indeed many are leaping to outrageous conclusions about a supposed execution, the stupidity of people keeping "evidence" on a laptop, how "spineless" politicians stand idly by and of course those of us who "know" what happened but aren't allowed to say anything. (I use the "us" figuratively rather than actual).

    I hate to say it, but much as there is no denying there is a huge anger, disappointment, outrage and resentment about this issue, a march may well produce tangible evidence of all these things, but it won't stop judicial process, however stingingly unjust it may seem that it has got this far.

    The Royal Marines Family is one of the closest in the Armed Forces, as fierce in loyalty to each other as they are in battle - That's why they are regarded as the elite. If I personally felt they were second to anyone, I wouldn't have given ten years undivided attention toward helping recruit the finest.

    All I hope is the CM produces the outcome we all sincerely wish for.
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  15. As much as we all agree that the Taleban are ******* and should be culled, we still have a responsibility to play by the rules.

    I'm gonna hold off a while longer and see how this pans out before I rev up the outrage motorbike.

    Just saying like.[/QUOTE]

    Note the use of the word "disappointment" as well as "anger" in my earlier post, along with my subdued outrage. Nothing, can be achieved at this stage in the process, other that the lads knowing the Corps family is behind them.
    Just to add, to date I have yet to see a barrack room lawyer actually win a case. Thankfully at least one "top QC" is advising them.

    Edited to add, in no way is this meant to be having a pop at 2DD's or his post.
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  16. Really ?
    I think its a terrific showing.
    To me it shows the general public hold service personnel at the cultural opposite of politicians and journalists. Lets just hope this case doesn`t prove its mis-guided respect.
  17. To original post, can't ex-royal wear his beret with civilian suit and medals?
  18. To AM, yes he can if entitled.
  19. Thank you all for your replies. I shall fore-go the Uniform and don my best Db's,Jeans and T-Shirt. Blazer,of sorts it is....Brasso and Toothpaste at the ready. Cheers guys.
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  20. No dramas on the replies jmacrm, try using a good pencil rubber on the gongs, Brasso and toothpaste are great on brasses but not medals.:winkrazz:

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