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Ex Pats - missing your Marmite?

Already see a problem, sells cadburys! And as the post develops I can see more of the brands going Chinese/French/German or Cornish !!! :)

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War Hero
Why not think outside that box as well. If our ex-pat community can't survive without an Aunt Bessies ready made Yorkshire pudding then we may as well ship everything else that's proud to be British out to 'em.

*Miss the English Weather? Too hot for you? Want to re-live your miserable UK existence?* You can call US on 0845 123456 (ext 3333) and we'll send you the stuff you miss. Not enough
fu**ing holes in your road? Hire our "Man with a pick axe" (£50 per hour + VAT) and we'll send him out to where you're at and he'll twat some big fu*k off holes in the road outside
your house. Also available are genuine buckets of Rochdale rainwater.....specially chilled to -25 degrees F. Simply order the amount you require and it'll be flown out (same day delivery). Pour the stuff over your head and shout and moan a lot. (£10 per litre). Is there a Post Office near you? Don't have to wait in line? We can sort THAT! Order a bus load of pensioners for as little as £500 (mainland Europe only) and we can stand them in line in front of you. They'll be clutching pastic bags full of ten pence pieces (up to the value of £200) which they will want to change up into fifty pence pieces (or Euro equivalent). Pensioners are sure to annoy the shit out of you as you stand there for at LEAST 2 hours (guaranteed). Pissy smells and old ladies with support stockings on are an optional extra. Order our free catalogue TODAY and you could win the chance to have three Ford Cortinas (MOT/Insurance write offs) delivered to your front garden were you can tinker with them to your hearts delight. Sure to antagonise your neighbours and lower the property prices within a fortnight.


www. and register TODAY!

* * * * * *


live in south-west france, very quiet, uncluttered roads, civilised youth, rolling countryside.....oh!, plenty of vino collapsable at very affordable baked beans, bacon/sausages, branston pickles and sauces, oxo's, get the gist of reasonable prices. these commodities are available from "the foriegn section" of super markets and various entrepaneurs but at a price of course. baked beans are currently available at an average price of 1.50 euros and curry sauces at 3.50 euros. you can get where this is going. it is the old "supply and demand" scenario mixed in with a bit of price fixing. the obvios question is what to do to surmount this problem. for us we double our trips back to uk to do hacking great shop and over the years we have built up a large stock (three freezers and a storage room help). that is how we beat the "no baked bean blues", which for us is is very painful to endure. why live here?, look at the opening sentance. glad to enter into any conversations on the matter....but....if any of you are blessed with the entrepeneur gene, fill a 4 x 4 with beked beans etc and drive through france and en-route take orders for paint, beds, curtains, children's clothing and even scouring pads for your return with maybe a couple of 4 x 4's, who knows?????
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