Ex Pat's doing our bit

Many of us British ex-pats living in Cyprus are members of the UKCA (United Kingdom Citizens Association), and this year our chosen charity has been Help for Heroes.
I'm pleased to say that this afternoon, we will be making a cheque presentation to the Commanding Officer of Dhekelia Base here in Cyprus in the total of €4000, to Help for Heroes.
The money has been raised by many different means, not least of which was by our female entertainments director, who last night walked naked through the club giving out Christmas kisses! There were many disappointed members, when they realised that "naked" was in fact my dog who had undergone a temporary name change, which she "walked through the club"!
In conclusion, on behalf of us ex-pats, many of whom are former service members, can I express our thanks and gratitude to all you lads and lasses serving throughout the world on our behalf. We wish we could thank you all personally for all that you do, often under the most arduous of conditions. We're proud of you all! Merry Christmas, and a safe and Happy New Year.
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