ex para (wanna be commando)

Discussion in 'RMR' started by stedaz_06, Oct 8, 2006.

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  1. yer alrite lads, i wanna join the rmr. whens the next intake do ya know? a missed the open day 4 this month coz i dun me back in shiftin bout 6 ton of top soil cant wait too join like

    any answers appreciated like. Stedaz!! :roll:
  2. yer probably wondering why i came out the paras and why i want to join the RMR. well i fell over and got me leg trampled over by about 20 men in training on week 7 of training, well i was in for bout 7 months and yet didnt get past week 7 this really "pissed me off" so i jacked and got out the i decided to join the TA in a welsh infantry regiment i passed phase 1 no probs and got told by me platoon commander an ex royal marine "that i should go for the marines an i would make a bloody good bootneck" so i am joinin the RMR then possibly the the regular Royal Marines coz al tell ya now "I FUCKIN LOVES IT" ha ha

    any replies appreciated thanks
  3. Soap, dohbie, galley, heads, pongo, yomp. The world is your gerbil and the dawn of a new day starts here, but can you cope with not wearing your combat smock/smoking fags/washing cam cream off before entering/using the galley?

    I am told that it takes a reservist in the RMR 18 months to try for a green lid and then he must go on to "continuation training" that's the best part of 2 years! (asuming no injuries) seems like a bloke must 1) be highly motivated, 2) abused as a child, 3) a fully paid up mentalist.

    Try Chatham Det which is part of RMR London and mate..........

    ......good luck!
  4. Hi, as I said previously there is an intake selection for RMR London at the end of this month, I would say that by now if you are not in the system at all then you haven't a chance on getting on it, especially if you didn't go to the induction evening this month.

    Some detachments run a holding troop, attend the next induction get into HT and work on your phys. This is not gospel but I have been told by RMR City of London that the next selection weekend is not until July next year. This will be the same for all RMR London detachments as the selection weekends are all run at London HQ in Bermondsey. This may change but as it stands it is a long way away, if you find out anything else let me know but from what i have learned London is in July and Bristol is in Feb/March more likely March as they have also just run an intake.
  5. As Alan Partridge said "Aaahhhaaa!" I was in Pompey last week and saw an assault craft and white ensign, (turned out to be an RMR recruiting stand) as I cut through one of the university playing fields, had a good chat with one of the marines.

    He said that all the lads they recruited were going to be fast tracked onto the selection weekend at the end of the month at RMR London, assuming they could initiate paperwork etc at the local unit prior to this.

    Could still be worth a go based on this info, nothing ventured etc.
  6. The weekend before selection is the medical and documentation weekend. This is next weekend, give the unit a call and see if you can get on it. Let us know how you go, all the best..
  7. you are not and ex para you only did 7 week, I spent more time in the naffi Q.
  8. gaz...the lad deserves a chance, like the corps the rmr needs blokes and still has problems with retention/recruiting some of which has been caused by the new(ish) command tool (sq driven shite dreamt up by some pig in a drug induced coma).

    he started off as a para that's for sure, ideal candidate to turn him to the dark side, i know of at least 3 lads former para (one a stripey) serving with rmr london.

    i know that teaching them how to dhobie can be a chore, but just think of satisfaction of seeing him in his first summer frock knowing that his chance of jumping out of a herc are pretty much the same as para reg (about nil)

    mate ur still getting 50 odd blokes through one end of the sausage machine with 5 coming out the other end with a lid, can't afford to be picky at this stage of the game.

    good luck para bloke.
  9. Sounds like Mr maskers knows what he's talking about. Probably an old oppo!! The RMR need to actively recruit large numbers to have any chance of getting trained ranks. I was the only recruit to pass my course in 92 so maybe things havent changed that much.
    yeah good luck para bloke!!
  10. hey, how did you get your leg trampled on by 20 men?

    in the middle of a run you fell over and the people behind you decided not to go round you but over the top of you?

    i can understand getting stood on by a couple of guys in a rugby match or something like that, or even if you fell over..but did the other 18 guys see a couple of guys tread on you and think "ill have some of that"?

    either you made a lot of enemys, or the people you were training with have no awareness of the environment around them.
  11. You would be an ex_para if you past p-company mate otherwise you are an ex-recruit that wanted to get in para reg. Banter aside mate, you seem to have looked into it.Why dont you pop into chat during the evening .There are a few Ex RM,RM and RMR oh and some pongo's as well.You will get the low down on all things RMR and of course a bit of piss taking ,but hey thats the forces for you.Good luck and see you in Chat.

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