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Ex Naval Communicator looking to join RFA


Hello everyone, it's good to be here, heard some positive feedback from friends about this forum.

I'm an ex serving Communicator in the RN with 6 years service, and was wondering what life as a Comms rating in the RFA is like.......

Any advice would be great, as i've missed the recruiting for this year, and am keen to apply ASAP.

thanks in advance,



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There's a few new comms ratings about on here but only 1 serving that I know of. I'll give him a shake and see if he can help you out.

Just the thoughts of a blonde ex-wren. Don't blame me if it all goes tits up.


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There's a few new comms ratings about on here but only 1 serving that I know of. I'll give him a shake and see if he can help you out.

Just the thoughts of a blonde ex-wren. Don't blame me if it all goes tits up.

Is that a case of "Please shake hard, if not hard, please shake shoulder!" ;)


Lantern Swinger
I'm a communications rating. I've just finished phase 1 and I'm heading to sea next week.

I'll answer as many of your questions add I can.

But to say what's life like in the RFA, I'd say it is probably the best job I've ever had. Worst admin though. In my limited experience of the RFA It's like an administration Black hole.


Thanks for getting back to me, it's honestly appreciated.....

Okay here's a few questions for you:

What's the training like for CR?

How come the admin is so bad?

What can I expect if I manage to get accepted by the RFA? I've been out of the Navy for nearly 4 years.....


Lantern Swinger
Training is fairly intensive. Although you'll find 75% is just revision of what you already know if you're ex CIS.
As for admin, I think it's just the wheels of giant bureaucracy turn very slowly.


I'm used to the bulls**t the RN provided free if charge, and the training was okay I.e I didn't struggle in Collingrad, so it sounds like it should be okay.....

What's the application/interview process like?


Lantern Swinger
Submit application. You do an RT at AFCO. They then "SIFT" and choose the best applicants for interview. The best are invited to attend interview in pompy. They'll pay your expenses to get there and stay over if need be.

If your successful you'll be given a conditional offer. You need to pass security clearance, Get blood test, vaccinations, get a passport, a seaman's discharge book and an ENG1 medical.

Get all that then you'll go to Collingwood for 4 months, sea for 3 months, Collingwood for 4 months again then back to sea. It should take around two years to become CR1.


Thanks, this is really helpful and I'll do my best to apply, i rung the recruitment line yesterday, and they said to ring back at the end of each month to see if they are taking on Commnuicators.... (They're not at the moment)
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