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Ex naval barrister in the poo!


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As we've discussed before, DL was a crap Duty Solicitor but a good Advocate, but he was his own worst enemy. He once admitted to me after a CM that he was a 'money whore'...


Lantern Swinger
I don't think for one minute that this is an isolated case. At the end of the day Defence Solicitors will use any ploy just to get their clients off. Even when they know they are guilty as hell.


Lantern Swinger
rosinacarley said:
of course not, but why do you think the BBC chose to film this particular lawyer?

Sorry, it looks like I should know but I claim ignorance on this one. Whats the SP?.
As far as I can see it was a set up by the BBC, the alleged crim was a journo. I shall leave it to your imagination - as I would not want the site to be liable for libel - as to why they chose this particular lawyer out of all the practicising criminal lawyers in the South East.

Could the police have pointed them in his direction? Surely not? Maybe?
Perhaps they saw him in action and wanted to bring him down? Nooo?!
Especially for FW

Solicitor filmed asking accused to invent alibi

A SOLICITOR invented stories to get a man off a drug dealing offence - not knowing he was an undercover reporter, a court has heard.
David Lancaster, who worked for Warner Goodman and Streat, is accused of inventing stories to help get a client off a charge.
He allegedly told Neil Ansell, an investigative journalist: 'You will walk
away from this'.
Mr Ansell had gone to Lancaster's office and told him he had been named as the supplier of a wrap of cocaine that a friend had been arrested for possessing. The reporter told Lancaster he had been arrested, but not charged, his mobile phone and cash had been confiscated, and he had been bailed by police.
The 55-year-old solicitor is then accused of telling Mr Ansell to come up
with 'innocent reasons' to explain his involvement with the cocaine and the
Lancaster, who was secretly filmed, said: 'You can say that you had a £50
note and that you asked him to change down for you into whatever
denominations, it may or may nor have prints on.'
The solicitor also said Mr Ansell could say he was offered the cocaine
during a social meeting, but that he could have given it back to his friend,
which could explain any fingerprints found on the drugs.
Lancaster allegedly told the BBC reporter: 'You have told me you have done it. But when we have finished this off the record chat you cannot tell
anyone else you have done it. 'Once you tell a solicitor you have done it you cannot run a defence if you haven't.'
Prosecutor Peter Blair told the jury at Exeter Crown Court that during the
appointment with Mr Ansell in December 2004, Lancaster invented stories that could be used when he went back to the police.
Lancaster of Harbourside, Havant, denies one count of attempting to incite
another to pervert the course of justice.



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Old Hand wrote

At the end of the day Defence Solicitors will use any ploy just to get their clients off. Even when they know they are guilty as hell.

Natch! It's what defence lawyers do when there is no evidence that will clear their client.

It always makes me giggle when I see a sign on an office or an ad in a newspaper, Yellow Pages etc.


Lawyers don't do irony.


War Hero
Having been a Prison Officer for 15 years,now retired, and having to sit out of ear shot of the "brief and scumbag" when they have a "sols Visit", I know what goe's on, I can lip read)Working on the deck of carriers do that for you after a while.
To my mind, defence lawyers and Barristers are the highest paid liars in the Country.
Second only to Pollys.


Book Reviewer
rosinacarley said:
Especially for FW


rosinacarley said:
Solicitor filmed asking accused to invent alibi

Hmmm, solicitors are up there with accountants and politicians in my book - while they may start out in life with honourable intentions, all too frequently they lose sight of what they're meant to be doing and their value to society becomes diminished
Lingyai said:
Like politicians, you can't trust these people because of the money involved.
No surprise though.

The bad news--------------------- Bliar and his misses are lawyers and half the politico's aswell. No wonder the country is going to rats!


War Hero
rosinacarley said:
And for those of you who like comeupance


Yes but the punishment does not fit the crime. He should also be made to serve any sentances that guilty men found innocent would have served
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